January 9, 2022

FeLV – A Cats’s Disease

What is FeLV? It is a submicroscopic organism (virus) that is associated worldwide with the illness and death of more cats than any other infectious disease. […]
January 8, 2022

Living With FIV (Feline Aids)

Four years ago I was living in a community with a high rate of unwanted animals. During the summer, the city shelter was forced to euthanize […]
January 8, 2022

Viral Diseases Carried by Mosquitoes

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? While playing in the sun can be fun, you should know that pesky mosquitoes carry an array of […]
January 8, 2022

Things Your Vet Won’t Tell You About Fiv (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

Each year, scores of pet owners receive the shocking news that their beloved cats have been diagnosed with FIV (also known as the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). […]
January 8, 2022

Feline Leukemia: How Does It Affect Cats?

Like humans, cats experience various diseases but perhaps the most dangerous or fatal of them all is what is referred to as Feline Leukemia Virus or […]
January 8, 2022

Avian Flu Virus

About the Avian Flu Virus The current Asian outbreak of avian flu, also known as bird flu, is associated with the influenza A strain H5N1 flu […]
January 8, 2022

Dealing With a Genital Herpes Outbreak – 3 Ways to Speed Up Herpes Healing Time

A genital herpes outbreak is a whole package of physical and emotional pain only a sufferer of this nasty virus can truly understand. Whether your symptoms […]
January 8, 2022

Cancer in Cats – Lympho Sarcoma Symptoms in Cats

Also known as a lymphoma, the lympho sarcoma is characterized as a fast multiplying of malignant lymphocytes. This takes place normally in the lymph nodes, liver, […]
January 8, 2022

Building Anti-Herpes Anti-Viral Immunity As Part of Natural Alternative Herpes Treatment

Building Anti-Herpes Anti-Viral Immunity Is Simple Most people do not understand that the one thing that helps build your immune system is one of the most […]