Augustino Alfred Chengula has published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals in the field of virology and other fields of veterinary medicine and allied sciences as shown below. His main interest is in the field of viruses affecting animals and humans focusing on viral epidemics.

A. Publications in the field of Virology
  1. Chengula, A.A., Mugimba, K.K., Tal, S., Levi, R.T., Dubey, S., Mutoloki, S., Dishon, A., David, L., Evensen, Ø., Munang’andu, H.M. (2022). Efficiency, sensitivity and specificity of a quantitative real-time PCR assay for tilapia lake virus (TiLV). Journal of Virological Methods, 114567. FULL TEXT
  2. Ngingo, B.L., Mboera, L.E.G., Chengula, A., Machelle, I., Makange, M.R., Msolla, M., Mwanyika, G.O., Rugarabamu, S., Misinzo, G. (2022). Aedes aegypti abundance, larval indices, and risk for dengue virus transmission in Kinondoni district, Tanzania. Med. Health, 50 (1), 1–8. FULL TEXT
  3. Chengula AA, Mutoloki S, Evensen Ø, Munang’andu HM. (2019). Tilapia lake virus does not hemagglutinate Avian and Piscine erythrocytes and NH4Cl does not inhibit viral replication in vitro. Viruses, 11(12). FULL TEXT
  4. Msomi, A.; Kandusi, S., Ndusilo, N., Mathis, M., Kasanga, C. J., Chengula, A.A. (2018). Molecular characterization of infectious bursal disease virus detected in Morogoro, Tanzania. Tanzania Veterinary Journal 35 (1): 29-35. FULL TEXT
  5. Mugimba, K.K., Chengula, A.A., Wamala, S., Mwega, E.D., Kasanga, C.J., Byarugaba, D.K., Mdegela, R.H., Tal, S., Bornstein, B., Dishon, A., Mutoloki, S., David, L., Evensen, O., Munang’andu, H.M. (2018). Detection of tilapia lake virus (TiLV) infection by PCR in farmed and wild Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) from Lake Victoria. Journal of fish diseases, 41 (8): 1181-1189. FULL TEXT
  6. Chengula A.A., Kasanga, C.J., Mdegela R.H., Sallu, R., Yongolo, M. (2014). Molecular detection of Rift Valley fever virus in serum samples from selected areas of Tanzania. Journal of Tropical Animal Health and Production, 46:629–634. FULL TEXT
  7. Chengula, A.A, Mdegela, R.H, Kasanga, C.J. (2013). Socio-economic impact of Rift Valley fever to pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in Arusha, Manyara, and Morogoro regions in Tanzania. SpringerPlus 2:549. FULL TEXT
B. Publications in other fields of veterinary medicine and allied sciences
  1. Mwega, E., Chengula, A., Colquhoun, D., Mutoloki, S., Mdegela, R., Evensen, Ø., & Wasteson, Y. (2020). Antimicrobial susceptibility of Flavobacteriaceae isolates from Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Tanzania. African Journal of Microbiology Research, 14(1), 42-50. FULL TEXT
  2. Rukambile EJ, Chengula A, Swai ES, Jongejan F. (2020). Poultry Ecto-, Endo- and Haemoparasites in Tanzania: A Review. Austin Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry 7 (1): 1066. FULL TEXT
  3. Msoffe, G., Chengula, A., Kipanyula, J.M., Mlozi, R.S.M. & Sanga, A.C. (2018) Poultry farmers’ information needs and extension advice in Kilosa, Tanzania: evidence from mobile-based extension, advisory, and learning system. Library Philosophy and Practice. FULL TEXT
  4. Swai, E.S., Rukambile E.J., Chengula, A.A. & Wilson, R.T (2017) Endo-, ecto-and haemo-parasites of pigs in Tanzania. International Biology Review 1: 1-10. FULL TEXT
  5. Chengula A, Lucas BK, Mzula A (2015) Assessing the awareness, knowledge, attitude, and practice of the community towards solid waste disposal and identifying the threats and extent of bacteria in the solid waste disposal sites in Morogoro Municipality in Tanzania. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, 5:54–66. FULL TEXT
  6. Khamesipour F, Doosti A, Koohi A, Chehelgerdi M, Mokhtari-Farsani A, Chengula A. (2015) Determination of the presence of Babesia DNA in blood samples of cattle, camel, and sheep in Iran by PCR. Archives of Biological Sciences, 67 (1):83-90. FULL TEXT
  7. Chengula A, Lushino A, Mbise J, Mzula A, Mafie E, Mwega E, Makundi I, Peter E (2014) Determination of bacterial load and antibiotic susceptibility testing of bacteria isolated from students’ toilets at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania. Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing, 5:1–11. FULL TEXT
  8. Chengula, A., Mdegela, R.H, Kasanga, C.J. (2013). Awareness, knowledge, and practice of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists towards livestock diseases affecting domestic animals in Arusha, Manyara, and Morogoro Regions, Tanzania. Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing, 1: 13-19. FULL TEXT