Preparing for continuous assessment tests (CATs) and End of Semester examinations in Virology

The following study questions are meant to help you study for the upcoming virology examinations. Questions like the ones below may or may not appear on the examinations or additional questions not covered in this section may be included in your examinations. Use the virology textbooks (available for free on this website here) and any other information from the internet to help you answer these questions. You can also discuss among yourselves after classes or using the discussion online forum located here 

Study tips for virology exams

  1. Attend every virology class, listen carefully to the instructor and take good notes that are NOT in the power points.
  2. Study and revise you notes, power points and other sources (books, You tube etc) before you forget what was taught in the class.
  3. Make your teacher a friend and not an enemy so that you love his/her subject and enjoy listening and studying it.
  4. Start preparing early before the exam by studying topic by topic and subjecting yourself to the different types and sets of questions below.
  5. Memorizing is good, BUT understanding is the best for exams and for future application. Education is what remains after your graduation and that is what is expected by the employers and the community.


Quiz Topic 1: Multiple Choice

Quiz Topic 1: Short answer questions –1

Quiz Topic 2: Short answer questions

Quiz Topic 3: Multiple Choice

Study questions for Topic 3

Study questions for Topic 4

Study questions for Topic 5

Quiz Topic 7: Multiple choice-1

Quiz Topic 7: Short answer questions –1

Quiz Topic 7: Short answer questions -2

Study questions for Topic 7-1

Study questions for Topic 72

Study questions for Topic 7-3

Study questions for Topic 8-1

Study questions for Topic 8-2

Study questions for Topic 9-1

Study questions for Topic 11

Study questions for Topic 12

Study questions (All topics) -1

Study questions (All topics)-2

Study questions (All topics)-3