December 28, 2021

Cancer and Oncogenes

More than 100 clinically distinct types of cancer are recognized, each having a unique set of symptoms and requiring a specific course of therapy. There are []
December 27, 2021

HIV and AIDS Symptoms

Since the first reported case of AIDS (or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) some 25 years ago, the disease has already become one of the most feared []
December 27, 2021

Cancer – A Synonym of Death

Cancer is not a new dub for the people breathing in the 21st century. It is as recurrent as our day to day usual activities. Every []
December 27, 2021

Cold Sores – Treatment For Cold Sores

Cold sore treatments are a great interest for all of us. We are all looking for that magical cure that will free us from this virus []
December 27, 2021

Herbs for Herpes

For centuries, herbs – their parts, extracts and oils – have been used to treat a vast array of conditions. The active ingredient in most herbs []
December 27, 2021

Experimental mRNA HIV vaccine safe, shows promise in animals

An experimental HIV vaccine based on mRNA—the same platform technology used in two highly effective COVID-19 vaccines—shows promise in mice and non-human primates, according to scientists []
December 27, 2021

Evidence For Evolution – Endogenous Retroviruses

Of all the evidence for evolution, some of the most compelling and irrefutable are the endogenous retroviruses. These are viruses that have embedded their code into []
December 27, 2021

TWiV 841: Unmasking immunity

TWiV provides an update on immunity to Omicron, results of a randomized controlled trial of face masks, and a study of correlates of protection against respiratory []
December 27, 2021

NIH scientists urge pursuit of universal coronavirus vaccine

To counter future coronavirus outbreaks, the global scientific and medical research community should focus a major effort now on three goals: characterize the range of coronavirus []