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The happiest day of my life

When I heard about Dr. Kwang I was in an absolute state of misery. I was suffering for three years and was battling a problem that has no known cure….I had HSV (herpes).

As you all know, this is a disease that not only has chronic nature with constant outbreaks, but also takes a toll on you mentally…the feeling of helplessness and frustration were my constant companion and more so was the worry that I will never be able to lead a normal life. So when someone told me that Dr. Kwang can help me I certainly had my doubts, as I had done every alternate therapy that was available. I was not that optimistic about this one.

My point of view changed after meeting him. Not only did he put me at ease, but also explained that he has, and can tackle this problem. He took time to show me how our immune system works and how his teas handle the viruses and parasites and if I follow his regime I will be healed…again I was looking for a cure and not just suppression, to which his response was simple…let the blood test do the talking.

So I took the tea and felt instant relief…my outbreaks were stopped and I felt healthier than I’ve ever felt. It was a step by step recovery and Dr. Kwang explained to me each cycle. It’s like he knew exactly how my body was reacting and he was targeting the problem areas and thus eradicating the virus.

Finally the day arrived when I had to get the blood test to ascertain my results I was very sure that I was cured, and finally when I saw the test I couldn’t contain my joy…it was NEGATIVE…that’s right, the virus was gone. I was no longer a prisoner to HSV…I was free and it was indeed the happiest day of my life.I’m indebted to Dr. Kwang for what he has done and so happy that I could experience this miracle!!! I would like to tell everyone who is reading this that there is HOPE, so please don’t give up and have faith…I would highly recommend Dr. Kwang and wish that everyone experiences great health and joy through his work…he truly is the MIRACLE man..

Thank you Dr. Kwang. You are and will always be special to me and to all those who have been fortunate enough to experience healing through your amazing teas. J.P.


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