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Olive Leaf Extract Helps Control Hepatitis C Virus

I have recently come across a new product which is all natural. I found out about this product when a friend was told that he had been infected with the deadly Hepatitis C Virus. He was informed that he would be a candidate for a liver transplant in 2 to 5 years. He was also told that the drug Interferon would be the next on his agenda. After he researched alternative solutions, he found East Park Research Inc. where he met with the Founder and CEO Gordon Melcher. After hearing about East Park Research’s product D-Lenolate which is a patented extraction and delivery system of the olive leaf, he had nothing to loose by trying it.

He started his journey with his ALT levels at 141 and climbing. These levels should be 9-50. These elevated levels show that there is a battle going on within the liver itself. After 2 months of being on this all natural regime, he was retested and to the doctors surprise his ALT levels dropped to an amazing ALT level of 20 which was now in the normal range. No one could say for sure why this happened and his medical doctors were left speechless. The blood tests do not lie and he contributes the miraculous drop of his ALT levels to the all natural D-Lenolate that he was taking.

D-Lenolate can be used to help many people where antibiotics have failed. Only now has scientific research shown that the active ingredient in Olive Leaf Extract (d-leno late) has vast therapeutic properties that stops the overgrowth of Candida Albicans which cause a range of health problems and contributes to depression and chronic fatigue. The olive leaf helps the immune system to fight off what the body was not able to do by itself. That means there is a new hope for people experiencing mysterious systems that won’t go away.

Source by Karen Simmons

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