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Vaxxed: The Dangerous Eliciting of Anger Among Parents of Autistic Children

The film Vaxxed, directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, alleges that officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purposefully withheld research data proving that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine causes autism in African American male infants. One of these officials, Dr. William Thompson, finally became sufficiently conscience-driven to inform a parent of an autistic child, Dr. Brian Hooker, on how to obtain copies of the suppressed research findings. He described to Dr. Hooker the steps that were taken at the CDC to blatantly suppress statistical evidence of the causal role of MMR vaccination in autism. Essentially, Dr. Thompson contends that he and his superiors at CDC published manipulated data obtained by selectively excluding African American children from whom birth certificates were not available. Reducing the number of counted children rendered the remaining data statistically insignificant. The published data were further dismissed by suggesting that several African American male infants were vaccinated prior to 36 months of age simply to qualify for additional social services. This would have reduced the likelihood of autism being diagnosed in those receiving their MMR vaccine after 36 months of age.

According to the film, CDC personnel were willing to manipulate the data in spite of knowing that the MMR vaccine would lead to future children becoming autistic. Essentially, they deliberatively decided to hide the linkage of MMR to autism. This disregard for identifying a cause of autism was used to help discredit Dr. Wakefield’s earlier suggestions of such a linkage. The continuing occurrence of autism in African American boys was seemingly more acceptable than possibly raising doubts about CDC’s prior reassurance of vaccine safety. The CDC’s actions were also intended to be protective of the profits of the Merck, the MMR vaccine manufacturer. This additional motivation was personal greed since a profitable industry could potentially provide financial rewards; for example in subsequent employment opportunities. Indeed, one of the assumed villainous CDC personal was, in fact, recruited into a very senior position at Merck.

Autism is a worldwide tragedy for the affected children and their parents. It is somewhat callous act for the film’s Producer and Director to prey upon the emotions of the parents by suggesting that their child’s illness had been knowingly perpetrated by governmental officials. Why not tell it like it is: That government officials are simply not up to the task of evaluating aspects of vaccine safety? Apart from Dr. Thompson, it can more realistically be assumed that the CDC personnel do not inherently believe that MMR vaccine causes autism. Moreover, why not further admit that the film does not satisfactory explain autism? This might reduce return on their investment, but would surely be more considerate of the emotional wellbeing of the parents of autistic children. Less deception in the film will also help downplay the evoked criticisms by several mainstream researchers and journalists against several obviously flawed statements in the film. Typically, these mainstream spokespersons also know relatively little of the fine details of vaccines or autism, but are likely to be dissuaded from open and honest debate by the film’s one-sided bias.

Unfounded accusations within the movie also provide autism conspiracy theorists with a topic de jour to rant to their followers. These commentators benefit from controversy and polarization and do little to objectively address the real underlying issues. Rather than helping to modulate comments about the movie, they may further inflame the public’s anger and hostility towards the CDC. Individuals with impaired reasoning and emotional control can be triggered by these commentators to engage in violent acts against those accused of causing autism. This would be a sad price for seeking ratings and increasing attendance at the movie.

I first met Dr. Wakefield during his presentation before the House Governmental Reform Committee, chaired by Congressman Dan Burton in April 2000. I actually walked the corridors with him after his presentation and described three reasons why I thought his conclusions were wrong. I was able to attend an accompanying social function and provided my analysis to two of the individuals who had helped arrange the Congressional hearing. They were not really interested in my opinion but were marveling on Dr. Wakefield’s marquis value. They were focused on how they would personally benefit from his performance and how they would soon be able to deliver financial rewards to others. The outcome of autistic children seemed somewhat of an after thought.

I subsequently have spoken with Dr. Wakefield at various meetings both in the United States and overseas. I regard him as a friend and colleague who has been unfairly punished by an obstinant medical establishment. I also met him at one of the showings of the film Vaxxed. As I again explained to Dr. Wakefield, I firmly believe the major basis for vaccine injury in infants is prior infection of the infant with a stealth adapted virus infection. The infection is acquired from the mother during pregnancy. While the cellular immune system does not normally respond to stealth adapted viruses, it may do so if the immune system is overly activated with vaccines. Both stealth adapted and conventional viruses can be suppressed through a non-immunological alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway is mediated through a dynamic (kinetic) quality of the body’s fluids. It can seemingly be enhanced through the consumption of activated water. Consideration of these issues is far more constructive than a hyped film on the manipulation of essentially meaningless data in a CDC conducted study.

It would be worthwhile, if the interest created in the film could help lead to a better public understanding of stealth adapted viruses. CDC officials have shied away from stealth adapted viruses primarily because of unequivocal evidence that some were derived from cytomegalovirus of monkeys used to produce polio vaccines. This issue becomes even more complex with the likely role of stealth adapted viruses in the formation of HIV, the AIDS virus. There is a distinction, however, between CDC not wanting to explore past government errors and actively inflicting autism on innocent infants.

Politics and commercial interests has intruded into Public Health organizations, including the CDC. The responsibility for public health issues has largely been relegated to committees, which lack the willingness to address innovative research challenging the status quo. Autism is a stealth adapted virus infection, for which administering potent vaccines may be inappropriate. Means are potentially available to suppress stealth adapted viruses and these should be immediately evaluated with the help of parents. For further information, contact W. John Martin, MD, PhD. at

Source by Dr. W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D.

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