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Dengue Fever – Know About and Protect Yourself From This Deadly Disease

Do you know the outbreak of dengue in Singapore caused more damage than what SARS did in 2003? In other words, we can say that even the Asia’s cleanest city cannot escape deadly mosquito bites.

The Government took search-and-destroy campaign to curb mosquito bites on war foot basis. Anyhow, they controlled the disease in an effective manner. Now it is a high time to know about how Dengue occurs.

You will get dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue fever, if you’ve bitten by a mosquito from Aedes aegypti group. This disease was first identified in the Caribbean in 1827-1828.

Common Symptoms

If you are having muscular pains, rashes, extreme headaches, and recurring fever, then you may suspect dengue. The bright red petechia rash would be first noticed on the lower limbs and followed on the chest. In sever cases, rashes appear all over the body of the victim.

Other clinical manifestations include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Dengue fever will long last for at least seven days and may reach peak before it ends.

Prevention is better than cure

As we know very well prevention is better than cure, elimination of hubs will not only help to get rid of the dengue mosquitoes but also the malarial ones. Although most of the governments are taking utmost care to their citizens against Dengue, Cleanse is much better to have in your bag than a copy of your health or life insurance policy. After all Prevention is always better than cure.

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