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Vaccines: The Flaws and Why You Should Refuse Vaccination

1. Is there really a rational basis for vaccination?

I have already showed in earlier articles that the big daddy originator of it all, Edward Jenner, was not the saviour of the world. His vaccine; a poisonous cocktail of cowpox and horse grease caused a dramatic rise in smallpox cases with many, many deaths over the years that followed.

You have to ask yourself, if Jenner’s principle, the original idea in which vaccination is based on is fundamentally flawed, what about other vaccinations..? We have at least seen from the measles, tuberculosis polio and whooping cough graphs that there was no benefit from the vaccinations during these times.

2. Vaccines are not safe

The body’s physiology is designed so that the blood is kept clean by barriers such as the skin. A digestive system with an acid stomach that’s capable of killing off nasty micro organisms. Senses of taste and smell to reject contaminated food and a vomiting reflex reaction…

To inject highly questionable poisonous and potentially lethal substances straight into the bloodstream is unnatural. Hasn’t nature constantly shown us that life is designed so that it works naturally?

Why shouldn’t natural immunity be any different and allowed to take its course, with good nutrition… and what about the dangers of unnatural immunity?

Here’s a list of some of the contents in vaccines:

What about the safety?

– Aluminium – Has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease

-Antibiotics e.g. streptomycin and neomycin, to which have been known to give allergic reactions

-Bacteria – Can be incorporated into the recipient’s DNA. What about the possible health threats… ?

-Bovine (calf’s) serum

-Borax – Ant killer

-Carbolic acid – A toxic industrial chemical used as a disinfectant or dye

-Disease causatives – Cultured in putrid blood with monkey’s kidney, chicken and duck embryos; dog, horse, rabbit, mouse, cow and human tissues; such as those of aborted foetuses. Some human tissue cells have been known to be cancerous

-Formaldehyde – Used in pathology as embalming fluid. It is a potentially cancerous chemical and has been known to cause liver damage

-Formalin (formaldehyde with methanol and water) – used as a disinfectant and preservative for biological specimens

-Glycerol – Another chemical capable of producing toxic effects and subsequent damage to organs

-Hydrolysed gelatine – Extracted from animal bones

-Nail polish remover solvent – Acetone

-Phenol – See Carbolic acid

-Phenoxyethanol – Antifreeze

-Pig’s pancreatic matter

-Polymyxin B

-Polysorbate 20 – Commercially known as Tween® 20

-Polysorbate 80 – commercially also known as Tween® 80, a trademark of

Uniqema / HERE 14

-Potassium diphosphate

-Sorbitol a white water-soluble crystalline alcohol having a sweet taste

-Thimerosal – Contains mercury and has been linked to brain damage and autism

-Washed haemoglobin (red blood cells) from sheep

-Yeast – Genetically modified

-DNA – Viral DNA can be incorporated into the recipient’s DNA. What about the possible health threats?

As you can see, the list includes some of the nastiest materials known to humans. Do you think that it’s a really good idea to let these things be injected into an infant? (or any adult for that matter)

What about the inherent dangers placed on a very young and developing nervous system as a consequence of vaccination?

There have been many cases where individuals have sued for damage through vaccinations. To avoid bad reputation, much of this has been kept under wraps by the establishment.

I will leave there for now. It is up to the reader to do his/her own research.

I do indeed hope this information helps.

Source by Paul A Philips

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