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Herpes Diet - What to Eat to Beat Herpes - Virology Hub

The foods you eat have a very large impact on your health. Especially, when you are a cold sore sufferer. In order to reduce the amount of cold sore outbreaks you receive, you must implement foods that counteract the virus instead of feeding it. It is possible to stage off the herpes virus and keep it fast asleep with a solid diet plan.

First, you must recognize that the herpes virus thrives in an acid based body. When you ingest too many acidic foods your body becomes weak and prone to an outbreak. Try to limit the number of acid foods you ingest every day. Some of these are: Coffee, beer, tobacco, jams, liquors, soft drinks, wine, white bread, pork, seafood etc.

Keeping your body in an alkaline state provides numerous benefits. An alkaline based body is one in optimum health. To reduce the number of cold sore outbreaks you receive be sure to eat plenty of alkaline based foods and a small amount of acidic foods. Some alkaline foods are: Lemons, limes, fruit juices, asparagus, raisins, pineapple, celery, cantaloupe etc.

The herpes virus is activated by the amino acid arginine. Without arginine the virus cannot grow and duplicate. Be aware of foods high in arginine as they can cause an outbreak. Some of these foods are: Nuts, chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, brown rice, soda pop, coffee etc.

Fortunately, nature always has a way of balancing out. The amino acid lysine is great at counteracting arginine. Maintaining a diet filled with lysine rich foods will help you reduce the amount of cold sore outbreaks you receive. Some of these foods are: Eggs, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, chicken, beef, fish, avocados etc.

By implementing foods that are alkaline based and lysine rich will help you tremendously in your fight against herpes. Be aware of the acidic foods filled with arginine and avoid them as much as possible.

Source by Marc J Darinoal