The OTC Genital Wart Treatment

There are different ways to take off genital warts from the skin. The most common option people use the application of topical medications. Over the counter drugs are usually made for topical applications. Over the counter means you can buy then without any doctor’s prescription.Over the counter drugs can be found in any drug stores and supermarkets and even from online stores. Some people find treating this type of disease with over the counter drugs a better solution than going to the doctor. This disease can be treated with creams, gels and solutions.

Watrol is one of the famous drugs used for genital warts. It is very effective in and provides treatment for the pain and symptoms associated with this disease. It is a highly diluted preparation made to fight symptoms of this disease.

Another sought after drug is called Heal Warts. It is a medicine made from natural ingredients and other components to remove all forms of warts. It is administered to the patient 3 times in a day. The advantage of this over the counter drug is that it can remove the warts permanently within 2-6 weeks.

The fastest way to remove the symptoms of genital warts is to make use of Antiwarts. Results can be seen as early as a week. This over the counter drug is often purchased from online stores. Another one is called Dermisil. It is also effective in removing genital warts.

Numerous types of medications have been made available today. It can be from the drug store or the internet. What you must take note of is how this will eliminate this kind of disease in your body. It is important to take note that these medications will be used on the most sensitive part of your genital area so you must consider any possible irritations it may cause. Learn more about the product you want to use as treatment from reviews or from the people who already used them. This disease needs to be treated only with medicines

Source by Doris Khan

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