My "Remove Genital Warts" Story

When I had finally gotten up the courage to schedule a doctor’s appointment to find out how to remove genital warts, I was not prepared for how unpleasant the experience would be. While Human Papillomavirus, which causes genital warts, is an extremely common condition, and easily spread even despite protected sex, I felt like the doctor was accusing me of some crime. First there were all the questions about my sexual history which was embarrassing enough. Then there were the solutions – surgical measures, the thought of which made me shudder, burning or freezing off the warts, or a variety of ointments and creams.

I opted for the latter of the two, but it did little good. While the medicine temporarily cleared up the genital warts, they were back within a short period of time. Not only was I faced with more of this awful condition, but I had to dread another doctor’s appointment: the accusatory attitudes, the expense incurred, and the medicine which didn’t even seem to work. I was desperate for any other solution. A quick internet search turned up promising information. In addition to all the solutions offered by the pharmaceutical industry, there were natural alternatives which were not only safe and inexpensive, but offered the possibility of treatment in my own home. I decided to pursue these treatment options and am I happy that I did!

Without these natural treatments I don’t know what I would have done. Originally, I had no idea how to remove genital warts without a doctor’s involvement. But with a few short instructions and some ingredients I had lying around the house, I easily got rid of my warts. I don’t have to dread genital warts like I used to. I am free to date and pursue relationships. It is a condition which is easily manageable using safe, natural components which are accessible to anybody.

Source by Veronica Richmond

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