Penis Bumps – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

If you are concerned about bumps on your penis there can be a variety of causes:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – There are a variety of STDs that can cause bumps and discolorations on the penis. Herpes can produce bumps that appear as a cluster of small blisters that evolve into painful ulcers. Primary syphilis causes a single, round and painless ulcer of the penis or scrotum. If you’ve been sexually active and have seen a correlation between your sexual activity and the appearance of bumps please consult your general practitioner.

Symptoms – Painful bumps on the head or base of the penis.

Treatment – See your General Practitioner for treatment.

Genital Warts – Caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), Genital Warts can appear as pink-brown or skin-colored bumps that are moist on the surface; Genital Warts may also appear “cauliflower-like” but tend to be small and sometimes appear as large clusters. Genital warts are one of the most common types of STDs.

Symptoms – pink-brown or skin-colored bumps that are moist on the surface.

Treatment – your general practitioner can provide a number of treatments and prescriptions. It’s important to get HPV related warts treated as they can cause various forms of genital cancer, including cervical cancer.

Cancer – Another possible concern regarding pumps on the shaft of the penis is penile cancer. One of the symptoms of penile cancer is the appearance of a painless, irregular and non-healing genital ulcer. Consult physician for treatment.

Symptoms – A painless, irregular and non-healing ulcer.

Treatment – A variety of surgeries including: laser surgery, microsurgery and wide local excision.

Genetic and Natural causes – Multiple tiny bumps located at the base of penis or scrotum that are similar to each other in appearance are most likely caused by ingrown hairs. Fordyce’s Spots are small, raised bumps that are either pale or white and appear on the shaft of the penis. These bumps are usually 1-3 mm in diameter.

Symptoms – Small bumps on the base of the penis.

Treatment – None necessary.

For prevention of the most common, non STD, penis health problems health practitioners recommend following a daily health regimen that includes use of a penis health creme containing penis specific vitamins and minerals for overall penis health and, of course, maintaining safe sex practices.

Remember that it is very important to use a penis health crème which contains vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that are penis specific, which means that these nutrients are selected for their special beneficial properties to maintain penis health and penis skin well being.

Source by John Dugan

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