Steven Johnson’s Syndrome Explained

Steven Johnson’s Syndrome is a life threatening condition that affects the skin. In Steven Johnson Syndrome the skin epidermis separates from the skin dermis. The other name for the syndrome is erythema multiforme major. It is a situation of skin deformation wherein the patient’s life could be endangered. Normally it is found that the disease also majorly affects the eyes. SJS is not a common disease but found rarely among individuals. Causes and symptoms are very specific and one must be aware of them and medical treatment be taken immediately, so that proper diagnoses and treatments can be done. What is Steven Johnson’s Syndrome?

SJS is known to be a life threatening disease and thereby its treatment is a long standing one. The skin condition is serious and the rarity of the condition makes the treatment a difficult one, especially in smaller towns and cities. Inflammation of the skin is the more common of the very first symptoms. Blistering of the skin takes the toll on the psyche of the person which makes mobility scarce. The mucous membranes get involved and the inflammation and blistering of the skin further complicate the condition. Over dose or over usage of certain drugs and medicines are the major causes of Steven Johnson. Spread of infectious diseases or other life threatening diseases too are found to cause an allergic reaction which stimulates the disease.

The treatment and hospitalization of the SJS involves hospitalization and long standing medical supervision. Steven J Syndrome is basically an allergic reaction and thereby finding out the source of such allergy component takes a lot of time. Th Syndrome thus needs to be detected early to ensure that the patient doesn’t suffer much. This illness is reported to cause many medical complications that doctors are still unraveling. Newer medicines are entering the market for the treatment of Steven Johnson’s Syndrome which is known to cause severe eye diseases like conjunctivitis, corneal blisters, corneal holes, etc.

The national institution of health department has listed the Steven Johnson Syndrome to be one of the rarest diseases found in today’s times. It affects the minimum number of people in the world. SJS is medically known as the skin and mucous membrane disease which is followed by inflammation of the skin and eye infections. It is known to cause untoward skin eruptions with bull’s eye lesions. These occur on the hands and fore arms and are visible to the eye.

The symptoms cause and affect of the skin infection are very specific and these are known to be occurring because of an allergic reaction to certain drugs and chemicals. Newer medical inventions and scientific evolvement has resulted in modern drugs that help give the patient relief in majority of cases. But early detection and treatment is the only key for safe recovery. Steven Johnson’s Syndrome can cause serious complications of the eye and skin and even threaten the existence of the patient.

Source by Adam Schlosser

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