Treat Your Tooth Infection With Some Home Remedies

We all love our teeth; they are one of the most important parts of our body. They allow us to have our favourite cuisines, enhance our look and maintain our overall well being. But due to our bad oral hygiene, dental problem have become a part of our lives. They are so common nowadays that at least one person in every family is suffering from it some way or the other.

Dental problems are of many types like: cavity, gum diseases, tooth infection and many more. Out of all the mentioned problems tooth infection is something which is rare yet very painful.

Also known as abscessed tooth, this infection happens at the root of your tooth or between the tooth and the gums. A patient suffering from this problem goes through excess pain and inflammation because of the pus that forms between the tooth and gums. There are people who tend to ignore this infection thinking that this would heal automatically and that’s where the problem arises.

This infection if left untreated can cause severe dental disorder and could result in chipped tooth, gingivitis and many other problems. The main cause of this tooth infection is our poor oral hygiene. Most of the people, especially those who go to offices, eat a lot of junk foods thorough out a day and do not brush their teeth properly. This allows bacteria and germs to get accumulate around the gums which eventually turns into tooth infection. People above the age of 30 are mostly affected by this infection.

Following are some of the symptoms:

  • Tooth becomes sensitive; you won’t be able to consume any hot or cold product. Even swallowing the food becomes difficult.
  • Mild fever, headache, bad breath and many more.

So what is the solution for this? Some say visiting the dentist would serve the purpose while some would advise you to try homemade remedies.

To be honest, both advises are worth trying. There’s no doubt that visiting dentist is the best possible solution to treat tooth infection or any other dental problem. A routine visit to your dentist can do wonders to your oral health. He thoroughly checks your mouth and advice you the best possible prescription. But again, there are those bunch of people who rely more on the homemade things, and there’s nothing wrong in this.

So following are some homemade remedies for your tooth infection. You may try them, but please consult it to your dentist before moving forward with this:

1) Clove: Forget tooth infection, Clove is considered as the best method for the treatment of any dental problem. This oil has antiseptic, antibacterial properties that remove toothache and inflammation. You just have to dip cotton into clove oil and hold it on the infected area of your tooth for few minutes. After the whole process, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.

2) Salt water: This is perhaps the most common and the easiest method of treating your tooth infection. Using Salt water is a scientifically proven method for killing of the bacteria and using it on a daily basis would surely provide you a better result.

3) Use Sesame seeds: These seeds have antibacterial nature; therefore you can use them to treat your tooth infection. It reduces the inflammation and pain.

4) Drink Green tea: Here’s the tasty solution for your tooth. Just go green and see the results. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants that help in reducing blood clot and kill the bacteria naturally.

The above mentioned are only a few of the many homemade treatments you can use for the treatment of your tooth infection. Just don’t forget to consult your dentist before using any of the remedies.

Source by Sandeep KR Shrivastava

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