Exotic Birds and Caring for Them

Owning an exotic bird is a huge responsibility. I personally own three exotic birds. They include an African Grey, a Macaw and a Cockatoo. Each of these birds can live for well over 80 years.

Interaction is a must and so is socialization. Not only do I play the parent and guardian I also interact with them. My birds love laughter, chasing me around, climbing and singing. They remind me of little kids. I try to blend into their habitat as much as I can. On a daily basis I provide them with two hours of playtime. They even know the words “Playtime” as you hear them mimic the words each day at 3 PM. They even have their own garden of Eden. Well over 50 Trees to suit the original habitats they would have lived around.

I must clip and trim their wings every couple of months, file beaks and claws, bathe and groom them and properly sanitize cages and perches. Even feeding them is an important task. I provide them a mix variety of fresh fruits and vegetables besides the normal herbs, leaves and grasses. This is extremely important for a healthy and a happy bird. Most owners believe seeds are the only substance to feed them. A special diet and non consistency in foods are extremely important. Imagine eating Mc Donalds on a daily basis. Not only would you gain weight you would also lack the essential nutrients your body needs. Fresh vegetables are extremely important because of the high vitamins and antioxidants they provide these birds. Proper nourishment will also help counter diseases and illnesses that can occur. Owners beware of toxic and poisonous plants. Do your research. An avian doctor is extremely expensive and hard to find in certain areas.

Some breeds rarely coexist with another species. My African Grey for example has issues with my Cockatoo. I decided to do some research after I purchased her and found that these two species are extremely opposite in nature. One loves pampering while the other one loves domination.

Birds can be extremely violent in nature. They pick up the energy and emotions around them. If you are deciding on have one of these birds make sure your home suites these birds. Your bird can be like a child for many years. Keep them away from violence, attitudes, cigarettes, smoke, harsh chemicals (cleaning products), stoves, fumes, pesticides and any thing you would keep away from a child.

A healthy and happy bird is extremely important. Don’t neglected your bid. Speak to him or her regularly. Taking them for long walks on your shoulder. Teach your bird to enjoy the same life you enjoy and never punish your bird. They have an acute awareness of learning bad habits to gain your attention. Like a child who cries for a parent to pick them up, the bird will yell and scream until you give in. Be patient with them and confront their needs in wanting your attention.

Source by Mark Velazquez

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