Expert Food Tips For Chronic Hepatitis C

For those living with Hepatitis C, much of the focus for staying healthy is based on traditional Western medicine. Unfortunately, these medications don't always always support the needs of a large population of the hepatitis community, and can even cause more discomfort or illness than before. For those seeking alternative, natural ways to stay healthy, it can be overwhelming with all of the options available today.

One simple option that is available to everyone, and is often overlooked, is making healthy food choices. Many people do not realize, or even forget in this fast paced culture that we live in, how much of an effect our food choices have on our bodies. Getting back to basics with healthy nutrition can be a great way to start feeling better.

If you have Hepatitis C, you may have been warned about the many foods that can harm your liver, but then are often left in the dark about what foods may help. There are many ideal foods out there that provide lots of antioxidants and vitamins and can help to remove toxins, as well as help support the immune system. To name a few, whey protein helps to build antioxidants, mung beans provide vitamins and can help flush toxins and shitake mushrooms have been shown to strengthen the immune system. Artichokes, dandelion greens and foods rich in selenium such as Brazil nuts and broccoli are also beneficial to your liver.

Understanding the positive effect that healthy food choices can provide is just one more way to keep your body healthy. Making the choice to consume foods that benefit your body rather than harm your body is another valuable tool that is readily available and can make a big difference in how you feel.

Learn more about these six foods and how they can help you.

Source by Nicole Cutler

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