Methods Used to Diagnose Genital Warts

Genital warts is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by certain strains of HPV, that affect both men and women's genital area. To prevent serious complications, early diagnosis is a must. Although the disease is not easy to diagnose because it appears beneath the skin, there are common ways and methods that doctors utilize to diagnose the warts.

The first thing you should do if you think that you are infected is to schedule an examination. Diagnosis of warts depends on the results of any of these methods as well as the health history and the appearance and location of the warts.

  • Acetowhitening – Visual examination is the most common method used in diagnosing genital warts. However, there are instances that genital warts are invisible to the naked eye, thus the process of acetowhitening is utilized. This method involves the application of 5% acid solution such as vinegar for five to ten minutes in the affected area. If the small bumps turned white, then it is genital warts.

  • Colposcopy – This process is a painless examination commonly used in women in whom the lesions develop internally such as in the vaginal canal and cervix. The lesion is seen through a lighted magnifying scope.

  • Pap smear – this method is recommended by doctors to determine potential health problem among women. Abnormal cells that are found in the cervix can be a basis to diagnose genital warts. It presents detailed and thorough examination and has great importance to detect any abnormality.

  • Biopsy – It is necessary to conduct biopsy if the warts recur after proper treatment. A small tissue sample is taken from the affected area or in the cervix and examined with the aid of microscope.

– Special tests – This test is connected if the result of the former methods are not reliable confirmation of genital warts. It is used for other conditions such as skin cancer, penile papules, genital herpes, seborrhic keratosis, moles, condyloma lata, skin tag and molluscum contagiosum.

Source by Harrison Stamathis

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