January 11, 2019


A closer look at the goals and accomplishments of the CHERISH HCV & HIV Core. More information on pilot grants and training opportunities can be found on … source

Avian influenza, prevention is the first.

The fear of spreading avian influenza is spreading again. By following the precautionary measures, you can prevent spreading. It's the healthiest property of all … source

Yunlin News Net-Love Heart Restaurant opened 11 stores in Sanxiang Town, warm response

More than two years ago, Taiwan set off a wave of love for dining, and many love shops in various places responded, in order to continue this love, international Tongji will be in the...

The yellow vests H5N1

Meanwhile … source

Stater and your finisher will have to know what to do when you meet them. The Bro Poultry

Stater and the finisher of the food that you want to know about the future of the food. The Bro Poultry Starter and Finisher both got mixed … source

Development of a duplex SYBR Green I-based quantitative real-time PCR assay for the rapid differentiation of goose and Muscovy duck parvoviruses

Waterfowl parvoviruses, including goose parvovirus (GPV) and Muscovy duck parvovirus (MDPV), can cause seriously diseases in geese and ducks. Developing a fast and precise diagnosis assay for these two parvovi… Source link

Warning of the risk of dengue outbreaks

Today's latest news 24: Warning of the risk of dengue outbreak See #TinTuc attractive, Summary #Video Latest about # Tintuc24h Vietnam .. . source

20120319 Guan Biling encouraged Chen Yizhen to establish the main axis of the Qingfu Association as soon as possible (full version)

20120319 Guan Biling asked Chen Yizhen, the chairman of the Youth Support Committee, and Chen Yizhen still feels very raw and unfamiliar with the business for a month and a half. Guan Biling I...

Detecting outbreaks of influenza A / H5N1 in the suburbs of HCMC | VTC14

VTC14 | DETECTING A / H5N1 FLU SEVEN IN THE REGION OF VEN HO CHI MINH CITY The cold season comes, the influenza epidemic threatens the poultry in the Southwest. When in a coastal...

How to clean the manual drinker. How to clean manual drinker | The Bro Poultry

How to clean the manual drinker. How to clean manual drinker | The Bro Poultry About this video: – I have a video of you poultry … source

AeroCollect – Fast detection of Aleution Mink Disease Virus

AeroCollect is a new air sampling method for fast detection of Aleution Mink Disease Virus from minks. AeroCollect™ collects air samples directly from the air in … source

Latest 24h News: A / H7N9 flu is approaching Vietnam

24h News Latest today: A / H7N9 flu is approaching Vietnam See #TinTuc attractive, Summary #Video Latest about # Tintuc24h Vietnam – International … source

Hualien lunch cabbage storm students are quite a teacher to speak and stop

Central News Agency reporter Ye Gang Yunlin County 16th) Hualien County granary country nutrition lunch green vegetables too little storm, students today graduated to Yunlin, students have a very teacher, stressed Not leftovers, but...

Patna Zoo closed after 6 peacocks died due to H5N1-Avian influenza

Patna (Bihar), Dec 25 (ANI): Patna Zoo has been closed for few days after six peacocks died due to H5N1-Avian influenza inside the zoo premises. DK Shukla … source

7 reasons to come ascites | 7 resion to causes Ascites | The Bro Poultry

7 reasons to come ascites. 7 resion to causes Ascites | The Bro Poultry Hi, I am looking for Husain Ali Khan and you know the Bro Poultry. About this video: – Aaj …...

Giving Cas9 an 'on' switch for better control of CRISPR gene editing

Scientists have created an ‘on’ switch for CRISPR-Cas9 that allows it to be turned on in select cells only, specifically those that have a particular protein-cutting enzyme, or protease. Viruses produce such proteases, as...

Summoning the gyro's rotary table science to explain the physical phenomenon │ Zhongshi News 20170213

Now many horror films are out of touch with the dish fairy and the summoning ghost, the Western also has a spin table, a group of people put their hands on the table, the...

23 December 2018


Toll to the Rescue

by Gertrud U. Rey Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) include a variety of fatal neurodegenerative diseases caused by infectious proteins called prions. Although prions are not viruses, their ability to self-propagate without a nucleic acid...

H5N1 : CS:GO 2 good rounds

This game was at equal score in matchmaking – Was a very hard game with a big comeback of the enemy from 13-2 to 15-15 ! Please If you realy like it don’t …...

Chicken pestle in Chanchal, villagers in fear

Malda, January 7: Chickens appeared on two gram panchayats in Chanakala block: … source

Viral production is not essential for deaths caused by food-borne pathogen

The replication of a bacterial virus is not necessary to cause lethal disease in mice infected with a food-borne pathogen called Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC), according to a new study. The surprising findings could...

20170221 News Live Room 09:00

On August 17, 2009, CCTV News Channel launched a new 8-hour new section "News Live Room", which is called "Big Live Time, Focus News Broadcast" Revised column, also for CCTV news… source

爆發口蹄疫情! 南市撲殺983頭豬




Thandi me broding temperature kitna haha ​​chahiye | What should be the brooding temperature in cold

Thandi me brooding temperature kitna hona chahiye | What should be the brooding temperature in cold. The Bro Poultry … source

Madariaga virus spreads to Haiti

Madariaga virus (MADV), or South American eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV), has — until now — been found primarily in animals of South and Central America, with the first human outbreak occurring in Panama...

370 tons of dead fish, shocked villagers | VTC

VTC | More than 60% of farmed fish have died, tens of billions of VND have followed fish stocks, people in raft villages raise fish on Cai River, Dong Nai with white hands, fall...

[Zhongtian] 3/4 "I really want to help you" User search for filial piety

Tainan Xiaoxing brother, filial piety back mother, touching photos not only reprinted by tens of thousands of netizens, but even initiated human flesh search, but no one knows so far Who is Xiaoxingge? According...

Detection of serum samples on poultry infected with H5N1 flu in Long An

THND | Join THND Group to update new news: https://bit.ly/2BZnRtM View #TinTuc attractive, Summary #Video Latest about #thoitiet, #bongda Vietnam … source

Important Day-32 Poultry farming | Broiler Farming | plotry form | Poultry farm

Important Day-32 Poultry farming | Broiler Farming | plotry form | Poultry farm My request:- Gayan share krne se badhta hai to video ko share kare aur jada … source

Smiling belly watching comedy "Village Pond" | VTC

VTC | Very long after the success of "Laughing Life", the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the very own comedy colors of Tuoi Tre Theater, … source

Experimental antibody 'cocktail' protects animals from three deadly Ebola viruses

Scientists have developed a combination of monoclonal antibodies that protected animals from all three Ebola viruses that cause human disease. The antibody ‘cocktail,’ called MBP134, is the first experimental treatment to protect monkeys against...

We are Gimpo Foreign Language High School 4th grade 4th grade students. Kim Jong-jung, Kim Seung-ah, diplomacy and public relations, and Seo Hyun Hong, a technical director … source

20150112 Public Vision News

supports public viewing to look good: http://bit.ly/1lWatUO. source



中 개가 신종플루에 감염…변종바이러스 출현 / YTN 사이언스

중국에서 개가 신종플루인 H1N1 바이러스에 감염돼 또 다른 변종 바이러스가 등장한 사실이 확인됐다고 홍콩의 성도일보가 보도했습니다. 중국… source

Interactive Human Defense System – Allergies

Holy Workshop: http://www.sunartscience.com/ How is it allergic to allergies? What kind of symptoms can allergies induce? source

Report on death of birds in Bird Blue lake in Hisar confirms death due to bird flu

Report on death of birds in Bird Blue lake in Hisar confirms death due to bird flu. Watch complete news story of Good Morning News for getting detailed updates! source

The science is clear—with HIV, undetectable equals untransmittable

In recent years, an overwhelming body of clinical evidence has firmly established the HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) concept as scientifically sound, say officials from the National Institutes of Health. U=U means that people...

Flu activity on the rise in the US

The CDC announced that the 2018-2019 flu season has officially started as there are elevated levels of flu activity. Officials continue to recommend the flu shot, … source

People do not dare to eat their vegetables VTC

VTC | Growing vegetables but people living around vegetable gardens do not dare to eat the vegetables themselves. Why is that so? * Registration… source

15 Microbiology Virology Part 4

This video was originally created by RANY WOO. Her videos are very thorough for covering this section from First Aid. For more USMLE Information, please find … source

Malaria vaccine passes test in humans

A vaccine against fatal pregnancy malaria shows promising results in the first tests in humans. The new study has taken a vaccine all the way from discovery of a mechanism through development and production...

[2015.01.15] Tracking poultry farmers 26 people have flu symptoms -udn tv

The outbreak of bird flu has increased to 8 counties and cities yesterday, and Nantou County, a new depression, reported that an egg farm was suspected of being infected. According to the latest statistics...

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