January 10, 2019

337 – Measures to prevent bird flu

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This big disease spreading in Bihar, the number of fasting birds falling … | Bird Flu In Patna

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Bird flu spreads to 10 provinces of Vietnam

News: http://www.voatiengviet.com, http://www.facebook.com/VOATiengViet. Avian flu has spread across 10 provinces in Vietnam, killing many poultry and making … source

Professor Zhang Baoji of the National Taiwan University, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee – People's News

[People's News] The last wave of the cabinet reshuffle, Chen Wuxiong, the chairman of the Council of Agriculture, was told not to renew his position a few days ago. Great, it will be Chen...

Lung neuropeptide exacerbates lethal influenza virus infection

Researchers found that lung immune cells (phagocytes) produce increased levels of neuropeptide Y (NPY) when mice are infected with severe influenza virus. NPY and its receptor form the NPY-Y1R axis. In mice with influenza,...

[단신] Detection of AI virus in the Gangneung Namdaecheon 190110

A bird flu strain was detected again in Namdaecheon, Gangneung where AI and avian influenza antigen appeared last month. ◁ End source

Effect of Improper Brooding Temperature The effect of the wrong brooding in the cold. The Bro Poultry

Effect of Improper Brooding Temperature The effect of the wrong brooding in the cold. The Bro Poultry About this video: – Brooding sahi se nhho yo … source

"Chicken, Duck and Goose" banned and slaughtered 7 days of slaughter and increased to 100,000 │ Zhongshi News 20170217

manuscript head*} The epidemic situation of bird flu is expanding, and the COA has started to prevent the spread of the epidemic today (17th) Until the early morning of the 24th, for a period...

20150119 Zhongtian News Avian flu expands the down industry and worried about exporting

Taiwan's bird flu epidemic is growing, not only affecting the catering industry, but now the down industry is also affected, because the industry is worried that if Taiwan is listed as a bird by...

Mobile, instant diagnosis of viruses

In a first for plant virology, a team from CIRAD recently used nanopore technology to sequence the entire genomes of two yam RNA viruses. This as yet little-used but promising molecular biology technique paves...

Bird Flu presentation

Recorded with https://screencast-o-matic.com. source

Sasta huwa chicks | Cheap Chicken | Chicks Rate Down | The Bro Poultry

Sasta huwa chicks ka rate. Cheap Chicken | Chicks Rate Down | The Bro Poultry has given me a video in which you have been able to tell me what is the reason why...

강릉 야생조류 분변서 AI 항원 검출…차단방역 / 연합뉴스TV (YonhapnewsTV)

강릉 야생조류 분변서 AI 항원 검출…차단방역 강원도 강릉에서 조류인플루엔자, AI 항원이 검출돼 당국이 방역에 나섰습니다. 농림축산식품부는… source

[후오비 카니발] X Coin Interview_IOTCHAIN ​​

Things Combination of Internet and Block Chain? 'IOutiChain' is a solution to solve the security problem of IoT (Internet of Things) and to transfer the ownership and use of smart devices … source

Bikini sacred warriors cross-border "Bude Dean"

French terrorist attack, three gunmen have been killed, but there is also a female suspect who is at large, she may be hiding in Syria, the police have to start now Cross-country tracking. Http://news.tvbs.com.t…...

Widespread bird flu, dozens killed in the railway station, killed by the crow

Bird flu death, dozens of dead crows found at the railway station source

How to Grow an Apple Tree? Bihar and Orange's Farming | Bihar Tak

Name of Himachal Pradesh, Nagpur and Jammu & Kashmir as soon as the name of apple and orange … source

Avian flu is reported in the season of anti-epidemic flu. New type A flu-People's News

[People's Live News] Winter is a good season for bird flu, and the Department of Diseases strengthens its propaganda. Bird and poultry farmers must cooperate with preventive measures. Due to the avian flu mutant...



Fighting another virus? Blame your parents

Genetics may play a bigger role in the body’s disease-fighting ability than scientists previously thought, according to the results from a new study of twins. Source link

Mass Graves in Phoenix: KPHO 5 News Report (High Quality)

Mass Graves and concrete crypts in Phoenix, AZ USA KPHO5, CBS did a story on the mass graves being built at the National Veteran’s Memorial of Arizona in … source

Breaking: Instructions about the Health Department epidemic, Influenza, H5N1, and Bird Flu

The Health Department issued instructions on the epidemic. In sickness, inf … source


NYU Tisch film school application 2018 – Accepted When Ava is betrayed by her best friend, she vows revenge. Made with the help of SOCAPA NYC. source

World's first undersea hotel in Maldives | STARTING THE NEW DAY November 6, 2018

MAIN CONTENTS IN THE PROGRAM: Strict control of credit on risk areas Suggest transfer of foreign capital if the project is solved. source

Respiratory microbiome may influence your susceptibility to flu

Specific respiratory microbiome communities may be linked to influenza susceptibility, according to a new study. Source link

World Today: Guinea Confirms Two New Cases Of Ebola Virus Pt.3

For more information log on to http://www.channelstv.com. source

Swine Flu H1N1 Virus Spreading Fast Foreign Swine Flu in the Country – Current Affairs 2018

StudyIQ Pendrive Courses https://goo.gl/aTFK6Q or Call 9580048004 or Live Chat Support – https://goo.gl/s68PZ1 UPSCIQ – A Monthly Magazine for UPSC IAS … source

12-year-old boy who lost leg from cancer adopts three-legged dog

A boy who lost his leg to cancer found his dream dog with three legs. It’s a friendship between a boy and a dog you can only describe as fate. At 12-years-old, … source

"Youli Express" was swept away and the parking lot was changed.

Youli Express was revoked by the Ministry of Communications. The person in charge, Huang Heqing, was taken off. He was born in a financial lending business. He has increased from 3 cars to 123...

Trial By Error: Some Good News on Cochrane

By David Tuller, DrPH In what can only be characterized as a welcome surprise, Cochrane has rejected the revision of a 2014 review of exercise treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome, stating that the work...

Jiang Guoqing's case Chen Yumin Li Tianyu remembered

Zhongshi News" Jiang Guoqing's imprisonment penalty list was announced. Before and after the air force commanders Huang Xianrong, Chen Yumin and Li Tianyu were respectively recorded and written, the external criticism was too slight,...

ALC 2016: Professors Hazel Sive, Lydia Bourouiba, and Elsa Olivetti PD ’07, PhD ’07, PD ’08

MIT has a record of transforming science and society, and this session features inspirational faculty members giving short talks on the groundbreaking research … source

Poultry farming day-27 | The Bro Poultry

Bird flu:- https://youtu.be/x1P4R7zKUH8 E.coli:– https://youtu.be/pXMv0LeIiFE Kadaknath feed formulation:–https://youtu.be/iJwJIazDII8. source

Grab my business? I am jealous of you! Cold noodle shop, fried noodles, torn face

Mr. Zhang, a fried noodle shopper in Shilin, Taipei, took out a monitor and accused the woman who sold the cold noodles next door for three years and shouted at the door of his...

Hing the cloth industry to smear the ducks and raise the goose association: no live plucking – folk news

[people's instant news] winter is coming, the demand for down jackets has increased greatly, but previously there are artificial fabrics, using foreign live plucking videos It means that the down jacket is too bloody...

Trial By Error: How BMJ Enabled Bristol’s Ethics Exemptions

By David Tuller, DrPH Earlier today, I sent the following e-mail to Dr Fiona Godlee, editorial director of BMJ. I cc’d Carol Monaghan MP, Darren Jones MP, and Nicky Morgan MP. I also cc’d...

100 Great Survival/ Disaster Movies

Post-apocalyptic, dystopian, survival disaster movies… Support this channel by gearing up through this link! Your support is appreciated and it all goes back into … source

CDC Warns Flu Cases On The Rise | NBC Nightly News

According to the CDC, the number of states with widespread flu is now 24, more than double from last week. This year, the swine flu is responsible for the … source

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