December 16, 2018

The city forced the move to lose business stalls to protest on the streets!

One hundred stall vendors on the famous Shakariba food street in Tainan, because of the relocation compensation, today’s collective protest against someone crying down the street, others are facing Tainan Mayor Lai Qingde’s photo...

TWiV 234: Live in Denver

Vincent Racaniello and co-host Kathy Spindler highlight and comment on some of the most exciting virology at the American Society for Microbiology 2013 … source

2018 Female Baltimore Rapper JGambino “Jugg Flu Szn” (Official Music Video)

2018 Female Baltimore Rapper JGambino “Jugg Flu Szn” (Official Music Video) IG : @The_J.Gambino Director : @Northeast_Mugz Location : Lilac … source

رجل من دائرة المنيعة يعلن ترشحه رسميا لرئسيات 2019

انتخابات الجزائر انتخابات الجزائر 1991 انتخابات الجزائرية انتخابات الجزائر الرئاسية انتخابات الجزائر 2014… source

Need to actively deal with African swine cholera

THND | Need to actively deal with African pig cholera Join Group THND to update news: See #TinTuc attractive, General … source

[H7N9 Avian Influenza_China's Truth Latest News] [聚焦] Avian Influenza Epidemic Situation Panic Looks Ten Years ago SARS

[China Breaking News] H7N9 Avian Influenza The epidemic is confusing, and this year is precisely the 10th anniversary of the SARS outbreak. It was recalled that because the Chinese authorities concealed the epidemic,…...

Gặp Nhau Cuối Tuần Hài Xuân Bắc Tự Long Công Lý


New techniques better determine how ancient viral DNA influences human genes

New laboratory techniques can identify which of our genes are influenced by DNA snippets that are left behind in our genetic code by viruses. Source link

Coldplay – Speed Of Sound (Official Video)

The first single from Coldplay’s third album X&Y (2005). Stream / download the album now from Video directed by Mark Romanek. source

Fareed Massadour: Municipality of Al-Munea alone is capable of guaranteeing Algeria's self-sufficiency of wheat


Ukraine quyết chặn đoàn xe ‘cứu trợ nhân đạo’ của Nga

Tin tức:, Bộ trưởng Nội vụ Ukraine khẳng định rằng đoàn xe của Nga trên đường tiến tới … source

[2013.04.30]Avian flu dangerous "chicken" 8 people took to the streets to catch the stray chicken – udn tv

Yesterday, the Hsinchu City Government mobilized eight brawny men, and also put on a full set of protective clothing, in order to catch a Chicken. Udn tv on FB Twitter G+ …...

Lettek – Toxic Psycho

LTK – czech soundsystem / hardcore hardtek. source

Researchers shine new light on disease-spreading mosquitoes

Physicists are now exploring laser-based technology traditionally used for studying conditions in the atmosphere — such as Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) — to shine a light on the subtlest of features of mosquito...

Abba – The Day Before You Came

Listen to ABBA: Follow ABBA Facebook: Instagram: Read … source

Shooting birds to pruning the nests next to the bird's nest, the grievances of the Baitou Weng home destroyed – People's News

[People's Live News] Tainan Shuiyu Ecological Education Park, there are some people who shoot birds to trim the branches of the nest, although they are being parked Found to stop, but the bird's nest...

TV3 – Quequicom clips – Structure of the flu virus

Structure of the flu virus. source

Qiu Wenda, President of Beijing Medical University, was appointed to the Department of Health – People's News

[People's News] The new Director of Health, who will take over? On the 25th, it was reported that the head of the Taipei Medical University, Qiu Wenda, has succeeded in replacing Yang Zhiliang and...

Drug targets for Ebola, Dengue, and Zika viruses found in lab study

No drugs are currently available to treat Ebola, Dengue, or Zika viruses, which infect millions of people every year and result in severe illness, birth defects, and even death. Scientists may finally change that....

in hysteria – [TEKKNO_PROVIDER] say hello!

HARDTEK trackz – am hysteria 01nd 02. source

Bird Watching in Africa

When most people think of African safaris they tend to think of the usual, big cats, large mammals and snapping reptiles; the continent however has a lot more to offer. If you’re looking for...

New Update*Free PSN Codes And Ps4 Games & Playstations codes

New UpdateFree PSN Codes And Ps4 Games & Playstations codes please go to link in the top of comment below. tage Free PSN Codes,how to get free psn … source

Relaxing Music: work, focus, light, spa music – 9 hours mix

A long, light and relaxing music mix: Background music for work, to focus, study, concentrate, be creative, for use as spa music or simply for pure enjoyment. source

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