November 2, 2018

Virus trailer

Virus. Soon © 2011 by Saulius Films. source

Radium Trust or Die


TERBANG TINGGI, HPAI, Abdus Somad Demsyah Safar

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. source

Depopulation – Iron Mountain, the Heart of NWO – Vaccines. Väestön vähentäminen.

Video clips on depopulation, New World Order, vaccines, bio weapons such as mycoplasma etc. source

H1N1 (Swine Flu)

In this video, Dr. Joe Bresee with the CDC Influenza Division describes swine flu – its signs and symptoms, how it’s transmitted, medicines to treat it, steps people … source

Learn how the influenza vaccine is produced

The influenza vaccine is produced according to the types of viruses that circulate most in each hemisphere. Between September and October each year the … source

HOW TO make a Biosecurity Footbath

For the latest information and helpful Bird Flu advice, visit our web page source

Widely used mosquito repellent proves lethal to larval salamanders

Insect repellents containing picaridin can be lethal to salamanders. So reports a new study that investigated how exposure to two common insect repellents influenced the survival of aquatic salamander and mosquito larvae. Source link

CureCervicalCancer | Stopping Cervical Cancer in Vietnam (February 2017)

CureCervicalCancer’s 4th trip to Vietnam We take a look back at our time with friends in the northern region of Vietnam. Here we have 7 sustainable clinics in … source

Nattu kozhi-honey pox | herbal medicine | poul pox Herbal medicine | FARMERS POST

Poultry herbal medicines | Poul pox Herbal Medicine | FARMERS POST This video explains how to treat for foul pox in … source

Desensitizing the Penis – Is This the Best Solution For Premature Ejaculation?

Desensitizing the penis is one way to last a few more minutes in the bedroom. But is it the best way? Are there much better alternatives? Get the full picture and analysis in this...

Hepatitis Type B 18122015 SA

HEPATITIS TYPE B: It is the irritation and swelling (inflammation) of the liver due to infection with the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Explain the risk factors, … source

Rabies 1/3

Article published on: 11 May 2014 Read the full text at: A young patient with … source

How cancer-causing papillomaviruses evolved

Cancer-causing human papillomaviruses (HPVs) diverged from their most recent common ancestors approximately half a million years ago, roughly coinciding with the timing of the split between archaic Neanderthals and modern Homo sapiens, according to...

Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through a Wall?

TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Click “SHOW MORE” for sources Masonry Properties … source

HTTV Time: 20h January 14th, 2004 – Ha Tinh TV

Ha Tinh 24h. source



Forgetful Lucy – From 50 first dates soundtrack

Adam Sandler Forgetful Lucy in 50 first dates soundtrack acoustic cover. source

How to Register HPAI HNI Partners Online

This is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Get Great Income in an Easy Way and in a Short Time. source

Essential Needs and Current Gaps: Surveillance and Laboratory Support for Vaccine Development

Presentations and discussion session. Presentations: 1) Essential Needs and Current Gaps: Surveillance and Laboratory Support for Vaccine Development by … source

What are non-food-borne zoonotic diseases? How can they transmit to humans?

Zoonoses are infections that are transmitted from animals to humans. Non-food borne zoonotic diseases, which include avian flu and Q fever, can be transmitted … source

Influenza Vaccination (Infant)


Cervical Cancer | Part One : The Vaccine

An in-depth look into the HPV vaccination. Find out where you can go to get vaccinated and what our doctors think about the vaccine. Watch Cervical Cancer … source


A brave, gorgeous but worried 15 Month Eloise gets her 15 month Chick Pox Jabs! Despite the naysayer, it’s better getting vaccinated than giving it to other … source

Whatever They Said About Educational Content Creation Service Is Dead Erroneous…And Here’s Why

The Nuiances of Educational Content Creation Help Preparing many distinct letter posting vendor thats generally an expert personalized papers help and support organisation committed to our proficient customized pieces of paper. At present task...

How is hepatitis A spread?

Infectology Consult your doctor. An expert shares with us his point of view about the common and not so common ailments that anyone … source

Understanding Rabies

To view the next video in this series, please click here: source

****Cure Any Autoimmune Disease *** MS, TYPE 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus!!

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE THE MOVIE UPDATE : Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoide Arthritis, Multiple Sklerose, Crohn’s Disease, Hashimotos … source

AIDS A Catastrophe, says Emeagwali

WORLD AIDS DAY interview of Philip Emeagwali, December 1, 2006 Excerpts and quotes from the entire 30-minute interview: The fight against AIDS, is the … source

Anti-cancer virus fits tumor receptor like a 'key in a lock'

For the first time, scientists reveal how a promising drug candidate for cancer therapy interacts with receptors on tumors. Source link

104-01-13 Changhua County Animal Epidemic Prevention Center, Avian Influenza Epidemic Prevention as a briefing session

Dong Mengzhi, director of the Animal Prevention and Prevention Institute of Changhua County Government, held a briefing session on the 6th floor of the county government in Changhua County. The Changhua County Animal Epidemic...

Why is it that the duck farming time in the duck farm is only half of that in the rural areas? After reading it, I realized that

why is the duck raising time in the duck farm, only half of the rural self-support? After reading it, I realized it. source

Healthy fighting cocks receive passports to travel

Nonthaburi Province – 27 October 2005 1. Mid shot of cocks fighting 2. Wide shot of two cocks fighting in the ring with people watching from outside 3. Mid shot of … source

Derrick Rose – "Your Year Rookie" | Mini NBA Documentary

LaMagiadelBasket, #NBA, #Documental In this new mini-documentary we will travel to the past to remember the rookie season of Derrick Rose. A young woman … source

Durable immune response to 3 experimental Ebola vaccines: Broad vaccine implications

In the midst of an increasingly volatile Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a new study finds that the immune response generated by three experimental Ebola vaccines — including one already deployed...

The most bloody barbarians of World War I

World War I witnessed many catastrophes stemming from tactical malfeasance, stubbornness and lack of understanding of the war effort of the generals. . source

Dolutegravir, an alternative first-line HIV treatment for low and middle-income countries

The latest World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations published in July 2018 advocate first-line treatment of HIV infection using dolutegravir (DTG) as an alternative to treatment with efavirenz at 400 mg (EFV400). Until now, no...

(Luther Association) Dr. Zheng Shuxing's blessing and reminder to Pasti

Dr. Zheng Shuxing, a physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Taoyuan Hospital, is a recognized friendly physician of Pasti, an AIDS service team led by Dr. Zheng. Widely recognized by all walks...

Viral Defenses In Plantae

By Gertrud U. Rey Post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) is an RNA regulation pathway in eukaryotes that depends on the presence of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) in the cytoplasm of cells. As stated by Nels...


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