Prevent the spread of winter illnesses

With the winter months well under way and as the temperature begins to drop more and more people will be coughing and sneezing, signifying that the winter cold season is in full effect. Colleagues in work, students at school, riding the bus are all ways we can come into contact with colds and flu. It’s often thought that despite our best efforts we can’t really do much to stop the spread of the cold and flu viruses but there are ways in which we can help prevent and build up our immune system for the winter cold season.

Use a tissue and bin it!

With the H1N1 virus being a real worry in the UK we have been told to make sure if we sneeze to make sure we do it into our tissues and dispose of them as opposed to sneezing out loud or into our hands. The airborne bacteria and germs are one of the prime ways the virus spreads. Make sure you buy yourself a pack of tissues and have them ready in case you need to cough or sneeze.

Get some Vitamins

Vitamin C is well known to help against colds, boosting your immune system with vitamin pills will make sure that your body is fully ready for the coming months where colds and the flu are rampant. Vitamin C can be found in most citrus fruits and juices as well as daily tablet supplements. Eating oranges more regularly can help you add one of your recommended five-a-day fruit and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water

One of the many side effects of getting a cold or the flu is becoming dehydrated; this can make you feel drowsy and tired as well as things like dry mouth and even sore throat. Make sure you drink lots of water as this helps you rehydrate as well as flush any bad bugs through your system.

Use hand sanitizer

Again, in light of the recent swine and avian flu warnings a lot of people are now aware of the germs and unseen bacteria that can be left on surfaces commonly touched such as stair rails, computer keyboards and many other locations. Therefore it’s important to make sure you wash your hands regularly, especially before eating food. Hand sanitizer lotion can be a good measure too as they dry instantly and can be bought from supermarkets and pharmacists.

So make sure you take extra care this winter to avoid catching anything and if you do try and follow these tips to help limit the spread and help build up your body’s defences. Check at your local pharmacy about prescription services and other winter supplies to help you fend off colds.

Source by Phil Adams-Wright

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