Ear Reconstruction – Find How Microtia is Medically Treated

Microtia is a congenital defect in which one or both ears do not develop fully, so the outer part of it is very small or even nonexistent. There are different levels of it, so you may have a slight or severe case, but most of the time it can be treated. There is a type of plastic surgery available for patients with this issue, and it is usually called ear reconstruction. Just as it sounds, it is used to shape and form the ears so that they look more typical.

If you want to consider getting ear reconstruction, you should first find a doctor that can do it. Most patients can be treated successfully, but it typically requires an experienced surgeon as this is considered an invasive and quite complex procedure. You can expect to be put under general anesthesia, so first be sure you are not allergic to this drug. Know that both adults and children can be treated for microtia using ear reconstruction, so age is not usually an issue.

You may simply receive prosthetic ears if that is the best solution for your case. However, many surgeons can now use your own cartilage from other parts of your body to reshape your ears or add tissue to them. This would involve taking some cartilage from the rib area through a separate surgery, and shaping into an ear. It would then be attached to the correct area of ​​the head.

This type of procedure is known for being the most natural type of ear reconstruction, so if you want the most realistic results, ask a surgeon near you if it is right for you. However, it is also the most invasive, and often the most painful since it requires two surgeries. It should take about six hours, and you will be expected to wear bandages for the first few days afterward.

Clearly, this type of reconstruction is a bit more complicated than attaching prosthetic ears to the head. However, many people report that they are quite satisfied with the operation since it yields a very natural outcome. It just takes a while to heal completely, and also requires an experienced doctor who is confident that he or she can perform both surgeries well. In some cases, you can wear prosthetics while you wait for the appointment to retrieve cartilage from your ribs, so this way you can see the difference between two of the main types of surgery for microtia.

Source by Abigail Aaronson

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