First Aid Treatment For Burns

For every homemaker, burns are something that can not be avoided. Whether because of the hot oven door or boiling cooking oil, burns are very painful and can cause scars or discoloration to the skin.

To prevent burns from becoming scars or to relieve the pain, there are various burn remedies available in your kitchen if you do not have a burn ointment ready.

Tomatoes are known for soothing burns. Just slice a tomato in half, rub it on the affected area for at least 5 to 10 minutes and it will instantly soothe the searing pain.

Another burn remedy that you might have in your cupboard is honey. Honey is an all around healer and it is also effective in preventing burns from becoming scars. Just apply a dab of honey to the surface and leave it to dry. If, after drying, you could still feel some pain then dab some more honey to it. Cold honey is best for soothing the pain.

Papaya is also good in healing burnt areas. Slice off about an inch of papaya and attach it to the affected area with a masking tape. Papaya effectively removes dry skin cells and hastens the process of cell regeneration so healing becomes faster.

Kitchen accidents are very common and it is important that we know some remedies that will make the pain from these accidents more bearable. However, if your burn is serious and if it is larger than usual, it would be best to consult a doctor for burn treatments.

Source by David Champley

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