5 Key Reasons Why Children Are Starving in Africa

It is important to note that developing countries do need donations and sponsorships from developed economies in order to fight starvation. In this article, I will present some few facts about these starving children in Africa.

Many African children that are starving live in the streets. They are orphaned, homeless, hopeless, and desperate. These children are very young with no mother, no father, no home, and no food to eat.

Below I provide a quick list showing the 5 reasons why children are starving in Africa.

1. Political unrest and civil wars

One of the main reasons there is starvation in Africa is political unrest that is prevalent in many African countries. Political unrest causes starvation in children and cause them to go for days without food. War has also caused poverty for children in many African countries.

2. Diversification of funds to increase military budget

War causes economic and social instability and generally increases a country’s military budget. This obviously leaves far less for the social welfare of African children.

3. Economic conditions

The economic conditions of a country also contribute to children starving. Most of the African countries are struggling to meet the needs of the citizens. If the economic condition is very poor such that a majority of the population lives below the poverty line then effect is also felt severely by the children.

4. Drought

African families get food through farming and in recent years due to global warming droughts are prevalent and entire families struggle to put food on the table for their children.

5. Many families are child headed families because of HIV/AIDS

The HIV pandemic has caused many children to loss parents meaning a plunge into poverty, end of education, and starvation escalates.

Source by Thando Mavimbela

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