Genital Herpes Signs and Symptoms – Telltale Signs

The onslaught of genital herpes infection can be different from one person to another. Persons suffering from an impaired immune system like persons suffering from immunodeficiency diseases such as HIV/AIDS will be the ones to suffer the worst cases. This infection still puzzles the minds of researchers to this day because of its abnormal “latency” or the period that this virus is inactive. HSV-2, the type of virus that commonly causes genital infection can stay on nerve cells (just under the skin) for certain long periods of time, sometimes even for a lifetime. There is no clear evidence up to the moment as to the impermeability of this virus, the conundrum that still amazes the heads of every researcher.

The Mysterious Sign

It is said that immune system threshold of every person varies greatly, thus, creating a varying buffer in combating looming diseases and infections. Whereas many infected persons will have a varying symptom from itchiness to a painful feeling around the infected area, there were some individuals who don’t feel a symptom at all and if there is, it is only so slight that it is almost negligible. Other sufferers of this infection, particularly women will confuse the symptoms as that of vaginosis or yeast infection.

Other significant symptoms of genital herpes include:

  • Symptoms similar to the common flu like headache, fever and muscle aches. These indications however can improve within the span of one week.
  • In medical term it is called prodrome, a sign that includes a burning, tingling, redness and itchy feeling that can be felt within the exact area that an outbreak is ought to occur.
  • Unusually painful, but other times itchy blister/s around the penis on males and the inside of the vaginal canal as well as the vulva will be the likely spot for these blisters to grow on females. Blister sizes may vary from unnoticeable up to coin-sized sores. These blisters may also grow in unlikely areas like the buttocks, scrotum, thighs and anus either as a single sore or in worse cases they may come in clusters or groups.
  • Not all blisters or sores in these prescribed areas can be considered as genital herpes outbreak. Only blisters that rupture in time and eventually develop into a painful and shallow sore that has discharges on it can be a likely delegate to this kind of infection.
  • The collection of symptoms may also include somewhat swollen groin lymph nodes, abnormally painful urine excretion and an unusual urethral and vaginal discharge.

Looming Covertness

It is imperative to take all of the precautionary measures needed in order to become totally protected from genital herpes. The unusually covert characteristic of this disease makes it sometimes very hard to diagnose an infected person. Furthermore,  it would be very hard to trace the source of the infection because often times a symptom may only come out after a person have been infected for a long time already, say months or in other cases, years. For sure nobody would come to a physician declaring that he/she has the infection even without the presence of symptoms. Non-indulgence to sex is still the best kind of prevention, start practicing it!

Source by Ryan English

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