5 Ways to Fix Fatal Error During Installation and Other System Errors

Corrupted System Files

A fatal error during installation prompt can occur when a system file required to complete the operation is not found. If you or another user has accidentally deleted a system file, this can be the cause. However, if this is not the case, a virus or trojan may have modified and/or deleted this important system file. Run your preferred antivirus tool to fix the problem.

Check for Registry Errors

Windows uses a registry to keep track of all the system files and applications need to keep a computer running. Even the slightest error in the registry can cause an application to fail at installation.

Disk Errors

Hard disk drives are very fragile and can become heavily fragmented. This can lead to data loss which, in turn, causes fatal error during installation errors. Windows has an error checking tool built in to automatically find and fix errors on your disk. However, not all errors can be fixed this way.

Bad Media

A very common but overlooked cause of fatal errors is the media itself. If you are installing an application from a CD, check for scratches or dust/dirt. Clean the disc with a soft, damp non abrasive cloth.

System Requirements Not Met

If you do not have sufficient disk space, the installation will fail. Check your hard drive to make sure you have enough space for the program you are trying to install.

Most fatal error during installation problems can be diagnosed with these 5 quick checks.

Source by Alex Garay

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