Used Microscopes

Used and refurbished or secondhand microscopes are old but perfectly working microscopes which are sold at discount or lower rates. These microscopes will have 20% to 60% price reduction compared to new ones. Used microscopes usually come with one year warranty / guarantee. Used microscopes are most suitable for schools and other institutions, where the chance for damaging laboratory equipment is higher.

All used microscopes come after rebuilding and refurbishing practices. All worn-out parts are replaced and other parts are properly serviced. All components of the microscopes are individually tested according to factory specifications. The greatest advantage of purchasing used microscopes is the low cost. They are useful in fields which require frequent replacing and purchasing of equipment. Most providers allow you to bargain on the cost.

Most of the used microscope providers are authorized factory repair centers. They provide good customer care services and post-purchasing services. There are also many online companies on the Internet, which provide used microscopes. They provide all types of microscopes such as stereo microscopes, student microscopes, surgical microscopes, research microscopes and clinical microscopes. You can select them by brand, type or price range.

Before you buy a used microscope make sure that the equipment is relatively new with good and clear lenses, and properly serviced parts. It is recommended not to buy used microscopes from an educational setting, as they tend to have more damages. It is good to take the advice of an experienced person before buying a used microscope.

If you are buying a microscope for clinical or research field, then look for a new one with a lot more advanced features, not a used one. The prices of these devices depend on many things like age of the equipment, quality, brand and the providing company. The prices of used microscopes range from $ 75 to $ 150 for common compound microscopes to $ 800 to $ 8,000 for advanced clinical microscopes. You can also buy refurbished parts of these use microscopes.

Source by Peter Emerson

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