Build a Fort Knox Style Immune System Using Herbal Teas!

Herbal Teas boosts the Immune System

Get ready to build a 'Fort Knox' style immune system! Recent studies have found that Tea boosts your body's much needed defense system.

Try having a cup of green or black tea everyday to achieve this. If you really want to 'rev-up' your efforts, then researchers suggest 5 cups of tea per day. Tea is a wonderful source of polyphenols. These polyphenols remove free radicals, which are damaging compounds that can damage your DNA and accelerate the aging process. Tea can also release molecules that send gamma-delta T cells.

These cells are on the 'front lines', protecting your body from many types of parasitic, viral, bacteria, and fungal infections by releasing chemicals that fight these infections. Also found in herbal teas were alkylamines, which is found in some fungi, cancerous cells, bacteria, & parasites. Having these alkylamines in your system is similar to getting a flu shot. Post why? Because your body's immune system will train disease-fighting cells to identify and retain the alkylamines information.

Here's a list of some teas that you can use to get started: Dandelion leaf, Nettle leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Peppermint leaf. The most popular tea, however, would go to Echinacea. I tea form, this flower has been known for strengthening the immune system by producing virus-fighting interferon, which is the first line of defense when is comes to attacking viral infections.

So before the cold weather hits, be sure to stock up on these teas, and beat these colds before they end up having YOU beat!

Source by N. Killick

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