Boost Your Immune System Naturally – Five Easy Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

What is the best most proactive thing you can do for your health? Let's say you are completely well, but scared about illnesses like cancer. Maybe you are having minor pains from arthritis, have frequent tooth infections, fungal or yeast infections or simply getting too many minor illness like upper respiratory infections or allergies.

Or maybe, you generally feel run down? 0r you are constantly taking over the counter medication for minor symptoms of illness. Any of these experiences can indicate that you might need to naturally boost your immune system.

The immune system is intricately made to securely manage your health and well being, asking of you to do only one task. You must give it the support it wants. You alone must develop the skills and motions necessary to naturally boost your immune function and keep it working in tip top shape.

Fortunately with knowledge this can be effortless!

Here are five things you can do.

Find a way to cultivate a mind that can minimize stress. Maybe you seldom consider your mind. But usually under stress it is the mind that is seeking release to a more balanced state. Fortunately it is easy for you to see in your minds eye a sensation of calm just by switching your thoughts. Deliberately focus on visualizing a time where you were absolutely relaxed and calm, such as sitting on the beach watching the calmness of the sea as the tide is out, or being in your bedroom with your favorite CD playing. This helps your body to producing chemicals that actually quiet the mind. This simple mind process has a positive effect on your immune system because your immune system is constantly monitoring your 'state of mind'. A stressed, confused mind overworks the immune system keeping it less vigilant about securing your wellness.

Next you can find ways to improve your sense of happiness or contentment. Purposely seek ways to bring you joy everyday. It could be as simple as observing the complete freedom and interaction with nature of birds or squirrels, or even bees feeding from flowers in your particular landscape. Silently express gratitude or give thanks for your life situation as it is now. It could also be giving a stranger a smile or complement or actually giving a homeless person money without judgment of his condition. This will expand the quality of your spiritual level, bring you more peace, and increase your endorphins to turn keep the immune system ready to serve you well.

Third you can feed your immune system the food it needs to do a good job. Foods that are high in vitamin C will protect you from minor illness such as common colds, aches and pains, allergies, minor skin infections. This indicates that your immune system is in good shape and can sniff out cancer cells and destroy them with out your feeling a twitch.

Make a list of foods that are power houses of vitamin C such as papaya, red and yellow peppers, parsley, kiwi, and strawberry. Include them in your diet at breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks. For instance you can make parsley pesto and spread it on whole wheat crackers as a snack. Slice papaya and mandarin oranges and add it to your salads. You get the picture, resist the urge to rush out and buy vitamin C in a bottle of pills.

As a bonus for focusing on fresh foods that protect you will also be destroying those pesky free radicals that cause oxidative stress, another situation that disrupts the natural function of the immune system …

If you master this one vitamin well, who knows you might open up the door to reconstructing your whole diet for the best of health.

Next never under estimate the dangers of sugar to human health. An over load of sugar in the human diet can naturally disrupt immune function. This is the one food that should be kept in control with the daily requirements. Find out by seriously noticing your sugar intake to see how much sugar you are eating on a daily basis. For ideal health only 8 – 10 teaspoons of sugar is necessary to keep you in excellent health.

An over load of sugar puts stress on the brain and the immune system and puts you at risk of serious illnesses.

If you still drink soda or eat commercially prepared meals on a daily basis you could be getting close to the sugar danger zone for immune stability.

Last but not least, dental problems are now associated with inflammatory diseases. Inflammation is produced by the immune system as it attempts to keep us in balanced health. New scientific research has determined that poor oral health is associated with increase risk of cancer, a disease associated with poor immune health. It is therefore wise to give yourself an immune benefit by having your teeth cleaned every 60 – 90 days by a professional who can discover any oral disease that can be causing stress on your system. Then take appropriate measures to have the oral problem taken care of.

Go ahead, fall in love with your body, boost your immune system naturally and free yourself of the fear of cancer.

Source by Celia Westberry

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