Swine Flu H1N1 and HIV

A virus does not care about you, me, him, her, neighbor next door or people you will never meet on the other side of the world. It only seeks to invade host body cells of any living thing it can, insert its genetics, and force the cells to produce copies of it. The scientific community still argues and debates among itself as to whether or not a virus is a living thing. A virus' have been known to be exposed to conditions that will destroy most life and survive unscathed, just add a host and the right conditions and it continues as if nothing happened. However when faced with antiviral drugs and other counter measures to destroy it, and even often when no action at all is taken against, they have a nasty habit of mutating and changing in unpredictable ways. This strange micro chameleon like ability foils and thwarts attempts to eradicate, intervene or interrupt their insidious campaigns of death and destruction. Viruses have odd and potentially apocalyptic qualities and behavior but with all this they often need something only a host organism like us can give them "help", by design or default. Lately we have been giving them a lot of the latter and it shows. H1N1 and HIV we have been feeding clothing fostering and providing for them a suitable place to hide and now we are even defending them against attack, isolation, extinction and termination. How is this possible, examine our behavior we try or pretend to practice "safe sex" (although sex with an infected person can never be 100% safe), then we go back to our old habits and H1N1 Swine Flu which is killing a lot more efficiently than HIV ever has, down and in a much shorter time period. This scare makes us stay away from pork if we have any sense at all, but we know deep down inside most people will never leave continue this behavior and return to eating pork just as they did with the outbreaks of H1N1 Swine Flu in the past. The results will be the same we go back to the old habits then H1N1 virus goes back to its old habits.

H1N1 hides in the poor circulatory systems of pigs and goes undetected masked by antiviral drugs. HIV goes undetected in humans when masked by antiviral drugs, sound familiar. A prime opportunity has availed itself to us but we do not have the guts or will power to do what the much maligned Egyptians are trying to do, that is cull all the swine, hogs, pigs and remove this threat from our food system totally . This is very unlikely to happen because the bottom line is corporate-government interest's greed and a cheap source of meat to anesthetize the masses at a profit.

No one in the media has the will to say the truth about this matter it is a whitewash of ABC, NBC and CDC couched language propaganda. "Let's talk about treating the symptoms without exploring the real cause." Of course investigative journalism is so crippled what could we expect. The WHO is all press releases and no real power to do anything as usual, so we are once again on our own. No effort has been made by any organization, party, corporations, or government entity to take the offensive in the form of assertive proactive action. All these organizations have done is, remain as quiet and aloof as possible, no explanations, no reasons, and definitely no admissions about their previous failure to regulate the corporations responsible for pork production. The assumption seems to be that this situation will just go away at some point and things will go back to the way they were.

In fact the movies that we all have been watching and not taking very seriously are proving to be almost prophetic. I am referring to movies like Legend, the Andromeda Strain, and so on and on, the government never thinks, to take good preventative measures, only belated heavy handed draconian counter measures in reaction to the situations that have really gone terribly wrong. These movies are fiction but always with strong dose of reality, and as we can see the governments react in reality just as they do in fiction, too late too forcefully. Right now, the virus is winning because of our reluctance to accept change and objectivity examine the real facts about the pork industry and the infected meat it produces. One has to wonder how high a price we will soon have to pay for our Ostrich like mentality.

HIV has laid a perfect ground work for its cousin H1N1 virus to better succeed by compromising the immunity of a large numbers of human hosts. The sad thing is no studies have been done to check the correlation between the two viruses and certainly no one knows what the two viruses do when they inhabit the same host. All we know is they are both dangerous unpredictable and constantly mutating. The time has arrived to start testing pigs for the HIV virus and any other viruses we can think of. Right now it is better to be safe than sorry, but surely this is not what the pork industry would prefer because it implies there are problems with pork. H1N1 virus has proven they are problems with pork no question. However the truth is not always welcome or appreciated when money is involved. It appears we all have to live with this threat regardless of the true reality, and we can not do anything about it because the majority is in a state of denial. This denial not only fattens the pockets of the Corporate Hog Barons, but it allows many of us to continue business as usual even when children and women, yes pregnant women are dying. A good example is the death of a pregnant woman in 1988 and that of another pregnant woman this year their deaths where geographically years apart they both had one crucial thing in common, both had visited livestock exhibits where pigs were present. In fact the correlation between pigs and the fatalities of pregnant women are so strong that the husband of the woman that died this year has made it known that he will be filing in multibillion-dollar suit against the pork industry. The unfortunate thing about all this is no mention is made of the poor pregnant women that serve pork on a daily basis while preparing food for their families. They are constantly coming in contact with the H1N1 virus and no one has filed any lawsuits on her behalf yet. Undertakers dealing with dead bodies take precautions when they know that HIV is involved with the fatality. Swine flu is a virus just like HIV in the short term it can be even more dangerous because it has the ability to kill its hosts very quickly and it much more contagious. No one really knows how many pregnant women have been serving pork to their families, have suddenly became ill and died, and obviously no records of the facts are being kept, no statistics at all. We should not care what holiday barbecues will be like without pork on the menu if it will save the lives one pregnant woman or child.

Pig meat has a long and dangerous history in this country with a minimum of responsibility and control on its quality in terms of human health, indeed human viral intake from eating pork was never really regulated at all it was only the illusion regulation. The pork industry corporations were left to regulate themselves and I think in these times we know how that turned out. Let's to make one thing clear here the pork industry is not giving viral drugs to pigs as a prevention measure simply to make sure that the public is protected, the only reason they are given the anti viral is to be sure that the swine make it to market alive.

Even if this contaminated flesh does not make the consumers sick in makes the consumer unwittingly consume large and unnecessary doses of anti-viral. Of course it also gives the virus a chance to mutate and eventually render the antiviral useless. Again this opens another opportunity to the virus because the medical industry and the food industry do not cooperate or coordinate. All this will be over soon if we listen to the media, we're told pork meat needs to be cooked to 160 ° before consumption. Honestly, how many times have you been to a restaurant and ordered a meal, or been invited to a friend's house for dinner, and when you cut in to the meat is not done. With the present circumstances that would mean your fork your knife your plate and all around you are contaminated with the H1N1virus. How could this possibly make any sense at all, the whole thing truthfully is unreasonable, makes no sense, and frankly is idiotic.

The reason Swine flu virus is spreading so fast and increasing in frequency from country to country is simply because we are still doing what we have been doing, and traveling, in due course the virus is traveling with the traveler. What is it going take to remove this threat? Frankly I'm starting to believe that nothing is going to happen, only that things are as they are because is convenient. Only the people that are dying or sick or have family members dyeing or sick, seem to be concerned about the advanced this virus. All of the suggestions advice and methods available to the general public are symptom specific and do not attack the real core issue, which is to deny the virus in pigs a safe haven by eliminating pork meat and products from the food chain of humans. Everyone is saying what should be done in order to protect one, but no one really wants to breach the core issue. It has become obvious that no one is doing anything to prevent the eventual H1N1 and HIV viral get together to form the perfect storm. We will all have to pay the price, because right now nothing constructive is going to be done to prevent that happening.

Source by Habib Thompson

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