How Can I Look Into The Future?

We all have a need to know what will happen. Some of us suppress the urge but it is always there. There have been age old ways to look into the future that have been tested over time. Of these numerology and astrology seem to be the most popular methods which provoke the supernatural and push us into the realm of foretelling and the paranormal.

Numerology dates back to the 6th century B.C. the most popular proponent of this method was Pethagoreas. It was thought a practicality but soon the magic of numbers extended further. Evidence of the use of numbers to make predictions is seen in ancient Hebrew culture and is referenced in the Kabbalah. Interestingly is the reference in the Bible to numbers such as seven and three. The number seven is referenced 365 times in the bible. Modern day Hebrew leaders have learned to use computer programs which flush out patterns guided by numerical evidence to predict and reference future or significant historical events. One of the most accurate prophetic readings ever made was by a numerologist in their predictions about Hitler over 100 years before he was ever born.

Astrology in its infancy was linked to astronomy. It is said to have started sometime in the 2nd millennium B.C. In the middle ages, so closely was this practice linked to events that the “influenza” actually came from “influence” that the celestial had upon mankind. Guided by planetary and celestial placement at certain times it is said that astrology experts can determine personality and significant events in a person or specific entities lifetime. There has been hypothesized that even time of death can determine a person’s eventual placement in the hereafter, i.e. ghost, reincarnation etc…

Regardless of what your position is to these means by which to access the future, there seems to be a bit of truth to the mechanics of these ancient means of divination. Otherwise why would so many believers exist? Whether for fun or for seeking out possible answers numerology and astrology have been at the forefront of this movement for quite a long time.

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Source by Tess M Butler

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