Herpes Knowledge – Genital Herpes Myths and Facts

Millions have already been infected, millions remain undiagnosed and thousands each year become infected without them knowing. Before they realize, it’s too late for them to stay out of danger’s way. This is the most common circumstances regarding how this infection is being spread. It is so silent that many were already infected before they knew that they actually were. Unless an infection symptom would have mercy and shows itself up, there is no way for the unsuspecting person to know that he/she already contracted it. 

Common Knowledge 

By taking time to ponder on these key points, a lot of misconceptions can be corrected and little knowledge can be supported as well as it can be augmented. Here are some most common truths and myths regarding genital herpes. 

  • Spreading of virus is impossible when it is in its latent state or having no symptoms at all. This is the most common misconception regarding the virus. A misconception that has deceived many in fact. Always bear in mind that this virus can still infect and still dangerous even without the presence of symptoms. Don’t be the next victim to fall.
  • It is possible for a person to be infected without his/her knowledge. True. Herpes virus wont give a sign immediately right after transmission. The virus can go dormant or latent for a long period of time inside the body. Having no symptom doesn’t mean that the virus is inactive. Virus transmission can go on unnoticed this way.
  • The virus can be acquired even without direct unprotected sexual contact. False. HSV virus cannot transfer without sexual contact, may it be oral, genital or anal. Herpes virus is a very delicate kind that it immediately dies with just a simple temperature drop or moisture dry up.
  • Sex is totally prohibited after a proven infection. False. An infected person can still enjoy his/her sex life provided he/she will follow some strict guidelines so that they could not further infect their uninfected partner. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor regarding restrictions.
  • Genital herpes can spread to other body parts. True. Merely touching a blister or herpes sore is enough for the infection to spread to other body parts. Never touch a herpes blister
  • A herpes outbreak cannot be triggered by other factors. False. The number one source of an outbreak is stress, may it be emotional or physical.
  • An outbreak can be possibly prevented. True. If an outbreak is likely to occur, a signal will ring the bell for the infected person in the form of prodrome. It is a characteristic feeling that includes pain, tingling, itching and burning sensation that can be felt in the exact location where an outbreak will show up. By consulting with your doctor you can have your own preventive medicine.

Grabbing the Advantage 

By knowing these things, you have put yourself one step away from getting yourself infected by genital herpes. Put in mind that knowledge of any looming diseases is a perfect weapon in countering its effect.

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