Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Basic Survival

As you already know, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is a respiratory affection recently emerged in Asia, North America, and Europe. The syndrome starts with high fever (>38 Centigrade); other symptoms that can develop are: headaches, general sensation of discomfort and general pains, sometimes can occur respiratory symptoms and in the interval of 2 to 7 days can emerge respiratory difficulties and whooping cough.

The main way of transmitting the disease is the direct contact with the infected person, especially sexual contact. The most reported SARS cases happen in the case of persons who have been watching over other SARS suspects, in the case that they live or work in the same place with a SARS suspect or in the case of those who have came in contact with infected materials (like: respiratory secretions from caught or sneeze) of a SARS suspect.

Other transmitting ways are represented by the contact with the skin of an infected person or the contact with a surface or object already touched by an infected person. In the same time, it is possible that SARS could be transmitted through air or through other unknown ways. The contamination risk is very high in the case of those who travel and especially in the case of the persons who return from a SARS infected zone.

Through your specific activity, it is possible for you to enter into contact with such persons, even more, the members of the institution and your employees could be SARS suspects. Although the ways of transmitting the virus are not totally established and understood, there are clear proofs of growing risks of contamination going towards global dimensions.

Owing to the high risks and rapid and bad evolution of the disease, a series of measures have been taken as preventions. In order to be able to specify the prevention ways of some contamination cases, very serious cases with bad evolution, first we have to present the cause of this syndrome occurrence.

Through the researches performed on infected persons, by specialized laboratory, an unknown type of virus from Coronavirus family was detected, which is the responsible factor of the apparition of SARS. In the case of the first three modalities of prevention, we cannot do more than present them.

However, in the case of the fourth, years of experience in the medical domain, especially in the activities of prevention and control of infections and technical support in the elaboration of some specific procedures for your domain are available by Virkon.

It is a specific product for disinfection, with activity proved through numerous individual tests performed in accredited laboratories from more than a hundred countries, with an activity spectrum of 99.99%, a spectrum that has not been equaled by other disinfection products. In consequence, it has been scientifically proved that Virkon is active over the majority of the pathogenic microorganisms, in this way being active over viruses. It is active over 52 from 54 known virus families, through them being also the Coronaviridae family, which is responsible for the apparition of SARS.

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