3 Scary Things About Meat!

People in America love meat. You got to admit it. Many people love to dig into a chicken leg, or maybe pork is more your thing. Whatever meat you like their are some things about meat that you would be surprised to find out. Beef has problems of its own, and I am not even going to bring beef up. Chicken, pork, and venison get all the love today. It is shocking to see what is happening to our animals in the U.S.

1. Feces Limit on Chicken

Not only is it bad enough that the typical chicken that lives out its life in a commercial farm has very little room to move, fed a moldy grains diet, and has no access to sunshine, but the FDA actually has a feces limit on chicken. When chicken is first shipped they actually have a limit on the amount of feces that is allowed to be on the bird. Now you will not see this stuff on the bird in the grocery store because it is scrubbed down, but still.You might be wondering how on earth do these chickens get feces on them? Well since they are keep in such tight containers they have very little room to exercise. All the food these chickens are consuming to be fattened up has got to come out sometime, and when it does it just accumulates. Some of the chickens die and may not get noticed by the farmer so it just sits their rotting, or a chicken might get to fat to fast and its legs might collapse from the weight. When this happens it might die or it will continue to live sitting in the waste products that hundreds and thousands of chickens crap out. You can notice the chickens that were unlucky and had their legs give out by looking at the back of the chicken when you purchase them. Somewhere around the legs you might see blackish yellow marks. Avoid that chicken because it was the unlucky one.

2. Pig Virus

This one breaks my heart because pork is probably the best tasting meat on the planet in my opinion, but for this reason alone I choose to avoid all pork products. Their is a virus called Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome or PRRS for short. PRRS infects nearly 75% of Americas herds of pigs. This virus is sort of like a pigs version of AIDS. It attacks their immune system leaving them vulnerable to other infections and diseases. While it is true that PRRS has not been proven to be able to infect humans, but I would rather be on the safe side. On top of all that pigs attract a lot more parasites then other animals since they are scavengers. If you do choose to eat pork at least make sure to cook it long enough to kill all of the parasites that it might contain. Maybe it is just me but I choose to be on the safe side of the fence when it comes to pork.

3. Venison Disease

I feel like sharing all of the love I am passing around to animals today so next up is venison. By the term venison I am referring to elk, deer, and moose. This disease called Chronic Wasting Disease seems to be a little more underground in terms of main stream news but it is popping up more; especially if your state has a deer,elk, or moose that tests positive for the disease. CWD is a contagious disease that infects the brains of the animals and punctures small holes in their brains. If you are a hunter these animals are typically easy to point out because they act very weird, but I do recommend you look up CWD to find more info and to see if your state has reports of CWD animals. CWD has been found to not be transferable to humans, and is spotted easily in a farm where venison are raised. We are still in the clear when it comes to venison, but just be aware CWD is out their and spreading.

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