Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Often Misunderstood by Most People

Causes Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

The causes or cause of CFS is not known but the common endpoint of CFS is from multiple precipitating causes. But conditions that are proposed to activate the development of CFS include virus infections or other traumatic conditions, stress and toxins.

It was thought that CFS is caused by a viral infection because of its similarity to acute or chronic infections. But now it is clear that CFS is not caused by any single infectious disease agent. According to a study there is no association between CFS and a wide variety of pathogens including EBV human retroviruses, human herpes virus 6, enteroviruses, rubella, Candida albicans and more recently bornaviruses and Mycoplasma. But the possibility of having multiple causes remains and may lead to a common endpoint that some viruses or other infectious agent are contributing for a subset of CFS.

CFS may be caused by immunologic dysfunction but there are no immune disorders in CFS patients on the scale traditionally connected with this disease. Some researchers found anti-self antibodies and immune complexes in many CFS patients both of which are characteristics of autoimmune disease. But there is no tissue damage which is typically seen in autoimmune disease in patients with CFS.

Persons with immunodeficiency diseases or immune suppressed individuals have an increased risk of cancer or opportunistic infections are also not observed in CFS patients. Some of the researchers found lower number of natural killer cells or decrease natural killer cell activity among CFS patients compared with healthy controls but some others found no differences between the patients and the controls. Not all but some of the investigators found that T-cell activation markers also have differential expression in groups of CFS patients when compared with controls.

Another hypothesis is that various triggering events such as virus or a viral infection, stress can lead to chronic expression of cytokines and then to CFS. Fatigue may also be caused by the administration of some cytokines in therapeutic doses but there is no particular pattern of chronic cytokine secretion has been identified in CFS patients. Several studies also showed that the patients have a history of allergies than healthy controls but allergy cannot be considered as an influencing factor since not all the patients have it.

Several laboratory studies suggested that central nervous system plays an important role in CFS. Physical or emotional stress which is a pre-onset condition in patients activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis which leads to the increased release of cortisol and other hormones. These hormones influence the immune system and many other body systems and may even affect several aspects of behavior.

There is also a possibility of disturbances in the autonomic regulation of blood pressure and pulse known as neurally mediated hypotension or NMH. There is no evidence of CFS caused by nutritional deficiency. But it is good to follow a balanced diet to improve the health in general and balanced diet has benefits in any type of illness.

CFS Is Misunderstood – ARE YOU?

It is a fact that CFS and ME can be as immobilizing as congestive Heart failure, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and similar other chronic conditions.

The psychological symptoms which can be found are getting depressed, irritable, anxious, difficulty to sleep, lose interest in food, difficulty in concentrating or remembering things, extremely tired and getting headaches. These symptoms make the life of a sufferer unbearable to carry out their usual activities, go and see their friends and to carry out their hobbies. Some people also will become mentally upset due to prolonged bed rest or by not working for a long time.

CFS cannot be cured but many treatments are available to relieve the symptoms. Treatments are usually individualized according to the symptoms and needs. Most doctors recommend an initial treatment of rest, exercise and a balanced diet. Activities have to be prioritized, avoid overexertion and rest is important to maintain the existing energy reserves.

So what can you do about your Chronic fatigue Syndrome?

One of the most common self care remedies is to rest and learn to reduce and manage your stress levels. However, this is almost impossible to achieve in our busy lives today.

And all of us have to keep working to earn a living, so taking a year off from work to rest and recover is not really an option for most of us. Another strategy is to build up your strength and immunity levels by improving your diet and nutrition. But when you are feeling sick you do not feel like eating the huge amounts of fresh organic fruit and vegetables that this would require.

But do not worry, whatever may be your level of chronic fatigue, it has been observed that taking quality dietary supplements and use of chronic fatigue herbs can help to improve the health and energy levels of the sufferer. This is the simplest and fastest way to improve your health and start on your road to recovery and fully enjoying your life again.

There are many types of supplements available, and each functions in its unique way. Changing your nutritional diet intake will help improve your immunity levels to better fight off the predatory diseases that attack when your system has been weakened from chemical or viral attack resulting in CFS symptoms. There are many good natural alternative remedy tips to get from Helene Malmsio, who has been a Nutritional Consultant for over a decade and has created a site that is devoted to helping you help yourself with using nutritional supplements and chronic fatigue herbs to better cope with chronic fatigue.

To help improve your health and join the people who have recovered from CFS, or at the least are able to cope better with their symptoms, you need to explore fully all the alternative health options available to you, including your nutrition. Find the products that have testimonials from people who have had positive health improvements. Talk to the nutritionists and wellness consultants who specialize in helping people deal with CFS on a daily basis, and have a good track record of helping their clients to recover. Don’t settle for anything less, you deserve the best.

Source by Helene M Malmsio

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